Why women live longer than men:

Living on the edge? Don’t try this at home guys, especially the last one. EEK. Had to reblog via Barbara Pyett.

Barbara Pyett

Untitled attachment 00107Untitled attachment 00104This e-mail was sent to me and I just thought there were so many amazing photos, I must share it with you:Untitled attachment 00023Untitled attachment 00089Untitled attachment 00095Untitled attachment 00092Untitled attachment 00047Untitled attachment 00113Untitled attachment 00026Untitled attachment 00038Untitled attachment 00098Untitled attachment 00050Untitled attachment 00059Untitled attachment 00068Untitled attachment 00062Untitled attachment 00083Untitled attachment 00086Untitled attachment 00101Untitled attachment 00116Untitled attachment 00119Untitled attachment 00125Untitled attachment 00122Untitled attachment 00128Untitled attachment 00071Thank you to all of those unknown photographers, and to all the guys who participated in these daring feats! No wonder women live longer than men. Wishing you a relaxing Sunday!Untitled attachment 00053

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    • Yes! my husband has had a few ‘stunts’ in his life too! He’s a bit of an adrenalin junky himself, a keen skier who has had a few dodgy moments while skiing off piste! Falling of boats, that’s his speciality too! I could write a story about all of his antics! 😉

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