Feng Shui Art for Home and Office

Currently having our kitchen refit. Our house is a mess! So this Feng Shui Art, sounds good to me! Something to consider when the house is back to normal. Reblogging from Artist Marketing Resources.

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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge Review 50

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Review. Check it out. Lots of great haiku. Serious Haiku winner this week Martha of Meredith’s Musings: Aspiration and two winning Humour Haiku: Mari T. of Overcoming Static: Pursuing Growth, and E. Rawls of E. Rawls: Author creating stories and art: Plights of a Merchant, plus Ronovan’s closing haikus too!

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My Friday Post: Book Beginnings and The Friday 56

book beginning

BOOK BEGINNINGS is hosted by Gilion Dumas at Rose City Reader: http://www.rosecityreader.com/ 


Her book Beginning’s post link up: http://www.rosecityreader.com/2015/06/book-beginning-olivay-by-deborah-reed.html

I’m currently reading:


Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey.

Here’s the book beginning from Elizabeth is Missing :

“You know that there was an old woman mugged around here?” Carla says, letting her long black ponytail snake over one shoulder. “Well, actually, it was Weymouth, but it could have been here. So you see, you can’t be too careful.” They found her with half her face smashed in.”

Friday 56


This is a weekly meme hosted by Freda at Freda’s Voice, click on the link to her blog, and the rules are pretty simple:

  • Grab a book, any book.
  • Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
    (If you have to improvise, that’s OK.)
  • Find any sentence, (or few, just don’t spoil it).
  • Post it.
  • Add the url to your post on Freda’s Voice.

Here’s a few riveting sentences from page 56 of Elizabeth is Missing:

“I heard the screaming,” the woman said. “Sorry about my aunt, she’s got a dread of the unrespectable.” But, look, it’s not what you think. It can’t have been Frank that your sister was afraid of.”

My recommendation:

Read of Shelve?

Most definitely read. Have read about a third of Elizabeth is Missing and it seems really good. A very confident debut novel.

Goodreads synopsis:

In this darkly riveting debut novel—a sophisticated psychological mystery that is also a heartbreakingly honest meditation on memory, identity, and aging—an elderly woman descending into dementia embarks on a desperate quest to find the best friend she believes has disappeared, and her search for the truth will go back decades and have shattering consequences.

Maud, an aging grandmother, is slowly losing her memory—and her grip on everyday life. Yet she refuses to forget her best friend Elizabeth, whom she is convinced is missing and in terrible danger.

But no one will listen to Maud—not her frustrated daughter, Helen, not her caretakers, not the police, and especially not Elizabeth’s mercurial son, Peter. Armed with handwritten notes she leaves for herself and an overwhelming feeling that Elizabeth needs her help, Maud resolves to discover the truth and save her beloved friend.

This singular obsession forms a cornerstone of Maud’s rapidly dissolving present. But the clues she discovers seem only to lead her deeper into her past, to another unsolved disappearance: her sister, Sukey, who vanished shortly after World War II.

As vivid memories of a tragedy that occurred more fifty years ago come flooding back, Maud discovers new momentum in her search for her friend. Could the mystery of Sukey’s disappearance hold the key to finding Elizabeth?

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Free-For-All Friday #17

Thank you so much to Edwina at Edwinaepisodes for mentioning me in her Friday post link: In Free For All Friday, Edwina picks various blogs a mixed bag of treats. A bit like a pick and mix! Take a look. Reblogging as a special thankyou! Happy Weekend everyone. x

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5 Photos – 5 Days Challenge Day 5 – Serena’s Bubble Monster


I am currently taking part in the 5 Photos – 5 days challenge after being nominated by Annika Perry from


Here is my photo and writing for Day 5.


I’ve had this photo in my mobile phone for ages. Why did I photograph my foamy bubble bath ? I was astonished at how big this foamy bubble bath had become, and as you can see it had quite a distinct shape. I’m glad I did because it became quite a stimulus for this little story below.

I’m ending the five day challenge on a light-hearted note, here’s my cheeky story of Serena’s Bubble Monster!!!

Serena’s Bubble Monster

Serena turned the tap on full blast. The candles flickered creating a relaxing ambience. Serena poured herself a large glass of wine, and gulped it down in one big glug. Then she poured another. Continuing in the same vein she tipped the whole bottle of her favourite scented apple bubble bath in. No half measures. Not tonight. The bubbles grew and grew until they resembled a very large foamy marshmallow, the aroma reminding her of the imagined scent of a delightful apple orchard.

Serena was very hungry and would have been tempted to eat this apple marshmallow feast if she wasn’t certain that it was made out of soap. The white bubbly marshmallow spread out in a most peculiar way, whipping around like an enormous candy floss generator growing bigger and bigger. Boy her low blood sugar level was getting to her! Serena tried to turn the tap off but it seemed to be stuck. The water just kept on coming, gushing out faster and faster. Serena dashed around the bathroom, desperately looking for something to grip the tap with. In the process the towel that she had secured around her body nearly fell off. She found a hand towel and tried turning the tap off again. Still no luck. If the water wouldn’t stop it would start to flood the house, and this foaming marshmallow bubble would keep on growing and growing.


Serena sensed this was beyond the scope of her normal realm of experience. She couldn’t google this. In desperation she shouted for her husband but he didn’t come. He must have fallen asleep in front of the TV,  been listening to loud music, or gone to the pub without telling her. That sounded more likely. Ugh. Men!

She shouted again, and this time, she got a reply, a response she wasn’t expecting.

‘Stop shouting can’t you see I’ve got an important job on. You’re agitating me, and agitated bubbles make for an agitated fellow, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that!’

The bubbles could talk? How peculiar!  They sounded like a gush of water you might hear at the end of a very long ride at your favourite water park.

This fountain of exploding bubbles waved his soapy arms about in distress, sending little clouds of foam tumbling in all directions.

Serena gasped. The bubbles were frothing and foaming and getting more distinct by the minute. The bubble creature was now the size of a little man, who appeared to be frowning.

“Oh, stop it! Will you stop it! Just for a minute, please, Mr what can I call you?” shouted Serena.

“I’m forgetting my manners, do accept my apologies, my dear, I’m …… Mr. Fuming Bubble Monster,” he replied with a soapy frown.

This was the last straw, Serena found herself on the verge of tears. It had been a particularly stressful week, she had run up a huge phone bill, been involved in a minor accident, and had a row with her husband.

“Stop creeping me out, Mr Fuming whatever you are,” she cried.

“Creeping you out, heavens to soap suds, I’m just teasing! Come now, can’t you take a joke? How could a Bubble Monster be creeping you out? I’m just made out of hot steamy water, and friendly bubbles!”

Serena saw her mistake, really it had been an overly stressful week. “Now that I look at you more closely I don’t think you look frightening, but I’m not sure what you are. You’re flicking bubbles everywhere, and if you keep this up you’ll flood my house.”

“I don’t flood houses, well not often, only when I’m very cross. Today I’m in a good mood. I loved your apple bubble bath by the way, what a lovely smell, so fresh and inviting. Lovely candles too, just what the doctor ordered, Serena, you have a great taste in bubble bath. I love your name by the way, Serena, very Serene. It’s just about good enough to eat, oh, not you, my dear, your bubble bath. I feel like a new, improved Bubble Monster now. I needed that so much, and lots of hot water, it’s so important, you’ll see, just one second,” the bubble monster  reached over with his foamy hand and turned the tap.

The tap groaned, and shrieked as if it was in terrible pain and then the water stopped.

“How did you manage to do that?” asked Serena, her forehead creasing with confusion.

“Bubble magic. Next time you run a bubble bath, remember my motto: Bubbles are magic, and magic must never ever be wasted.”

“Oh, now I see, you’re cross with me for emptying the whole of the bubble bath in.”

“Of course, I am, well said,” said the bubble monster as he started to slowly dissolve, his foamy body disappearing one bubble at a time down the plug hole.

“Hey, don’t go,” said Serena, dashing forward as if she was about to catch him.

“Sorry I’ve got to rush. Shame really. Tut Tut my soapy radar tells me someone else is up to bubble mischief.”

The Bubble Monster shook his soapy head, sending specks of bubbles everywhere.

The Bubble Monster began to shrink in size. Soon there was nothing left of him but his neck, chin, and his head, all of which were resting right by the plug hole.

‘We’ll meet again, my dear,” replied the Bubble Monster, his words barely audible, as parts of his head  started to disappear.

“When?” asked Serena.

The Bubble Monster had to race to answer, his words speeding up, faster, and faster.  “Soon. I’m sure of it. Buy more bubble bath. Light more candles.  Atmosphere is everything. Don’t use it all, but don’t be stinggggy.  I’ll check. Take care, Serene Serena. Have a nice bath…..     YIKES…….G O O D B Y E EEEEE…………”

He managed one final lop-sided grin, and a mischievous bubbly wink, and then he was gone.

© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica.
Words good or bad, are my very own!

Now for the rules of the challenge:

‘Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.  Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.’

Today I would like to nominate:https://ladyleemanila.wordpress.com/

I hope you might like to join in this challenge and I look forward to seeing your post if you do.

Well, that’s me I’ve completed the challenge. Here’s the links to the previous posts if you’ve missed them:





Thanks so much for dropping by. Please feel free to leave a comment, I’d love it if you do.


Bye for now!

Marje @ Kyrosmagica  x

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Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge #50 Gain & Hound


RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt Challenge #50 Gain&Hound

Time for another Haiku challenge, this week’s prompt words from Ronovan Writes are Gain and Hound. It kind of puts me in mind of my current situation. We’re in the process of modernising our kitchen, so I’ll gain a new kitchen but in the meantime I’m hounded by dust, debris, dirt and doubts! Are we spending too much? Did we really need to knock down walls? Oh too late, here’s what it looks like with steel girders holding it up!



On top of it all the project manager from the kitchen fitters has gone off sick. So nobody seems to know what they’re doing. That worrying thought is hounding me too!

Then we found out that our daughter had run up a huge mobile phone bill. (She’s in deep water.)

Eek, so please forgive me if a little anxiety creeps into my haiku this week. So to counterbalance my rising anxiety levels let’s have a smiley faced puppet to ward off my Hounding Kitchen Fears:




 Hounding Kitchen Fears


Gain a new kitchen

Let go of those growing fears

Hey Stop Hounding Me!


And another one which is not kitchen orientated! It’s about a skinhead hound, hope you never meet one!


 The Skinhead Hound



The hound dogged my dreams

No gain for me as I slept

Just skinhead nightmares


© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

Words good or bad, are my very own!


Thanks for stopping by, do come again, I love visitors. Leave a comment if you can…..



Kyrosmagica xx

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5 Photos – 5 days Challenge Day 4 – The Green Cap Man Meets A Sticky End


I am currently taking part in the 5 Photos – 5 days challenge after being nominated by Annika Perry from


Here is my photo and writing for Day 4.


This photograph seems to have triggered something quite peculiar in me, which is really strange if you consider it is a very nice looking photograph of a sweetshop.

Anyway, apologies to the shop owners – This is no reflection on their shop which I hasten to add is awesome. And to the random stranger  I photographed, no doubt you had a nice day and nothing strange happened to you, and I’m sure you’re not a Grandfather, please forgive me!

Warning: This short piece of writing is a bit creepy, in a tongue and cheek way. I’ve no idea why this ended up like this but anyway, hope I don’t give you nightmares!



 The Green Cap Man Meets A Sticky End.

A man in a pastel green cloth cap walks by oblivious to where he’s standing. His name is Archie. Archie is a School Lollipop crossing guy.  He likes to wear bright colours, in his job this is a necessity, but some might say that he will regret wearing what he’s chosen today. That jaunty cap was a bad idea. Archie is about to cross the threshold but he doesn’t know it. The threshold looks innocuous, it’s just a crossing, a long black and white liquorice pole with a yellow bonbon on top. The shop’s exterior windows are hot pink cerise, everything on display is magnified, there are gigantic love hearts, enormous lollipops, massive angry birds, huge chews, and all manner of mouth-watering sumptuous delights.

When Archie takes that step, it happens, he wasn’t to know. Nobody seems to notice. Everybody is way too pre-occupied. It’s Saturday and the shop is flooded with busy. The shop assistants are pricing up items on tills, or replenishing stock, and parents are keeping their children from putting too many sweets in their bags, or their mouths! The childrens’ alert eyes pretend that they don’t see Archie’s foolish move, but of course it’s a sugar coated lie, and they do nothing to stop him. To them it’s as if he has always been there. The children think Archie’s rightful place is right here. Grandfather Archie with his pastel green cloth cap holding a huge packet of yummy sweets. He’s encased in the window now, his foot raised slightly as if he’s about to move forward. The movement is a hint of his former ebullient self. He’s a well-placed mannequin, no doubt the display artist would have been proud. Archie can’t take another step, he’s stuck, but at least he’s up there with the other award winning display items. Poor Archie, he’s now blind, deaf and dumb. But it’s no Who concert, no Rock tragedy, he’s not Tommy. This total loss of his senses lasts only a moment. His finely tuned sense of smell returns to him first. He’s surrounded by the most profound aroma of sweetness. Forever. Then it hits him. He can hear children laughing, giggling in their childish way, but don’t let it fool you. The sound is loud, over inflated so many times he’s almost sure that a pumped balloon is about to explode in his head. Archie’s vision begins to return. His eyes are wide, and startled looking. His vision is impaired as if he’s been looking through a sugar coated lining, now fast becoming a growing telescope of fear. The joke’s on him, his false teeth chatter. Nothing else moves, his lips are still, stuck together with layer upon layer of candy chews. He can’t speak. His throat is stuffed, with blasts of popping candy.

© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica.
Words good or bad, are my very own!

I hope you might like to join in the challenge and if you do they are as follows:

‘Post a photo each day for five consecutive days, and tell a story about each photo.  The story can be truth or fiction, poetry or prose.  Each day one must also nominate a fellow blogger to participate in the challenge.’


I look forward to seeing her posts.

Thanks for dropping by.


Kyrosmagica xx


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Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Ruth Ozeki


It’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday, via Colleen at Silver Threading.

Here’s the link to her blog if you’d like to join in her open invitation to take part in Writer’s Quote Wednesday: http://silverthreading.com/2015/06/24/writers-quote-wednesday-silver-inspiration/

Well, what’s my quote going to be about this week?

Something very important, and precious. It’s a tiny word but it means so much, it holds so much potential in its four simple letters: LIFE. So make sure that word reaches the stars, take it travelling, sightseeing, swimming, partying, dancing, laughing, hoola-hooping, theatre-going, cinema fancying, eating. Take it whenever and wherever you want to go, don’t leave it at home sulking. Let it enjoy the company of friends, and family, challenge that word to do things it never thought would be possible. That word is all there is and all that matters. Keep it Entertained! Nurtured! Loved! Happy! Smiling!

“Life is fleeting. Don’t waste a single minute of your precious life. Wake up now! And now! And now!”

Ruth Ozeki. A Tale for the Time Being.

Well, one line says it all, Ruth Ozeki is absolutely spot on. One life –  live it to the full – don’t squander a single minute. Live it Right now!  And Now! And Now! And Now!


About Ruth Ozeki (taken from her website):

Ruth Ozeki is a novelist, filmmaker, and Zen Buddhist priest.

Her first two novels, My Year of Meats (1998) and All Over Creation (2003), have been translated into 11 languages and published in 14 countries.

Her most recent work, A Tale for the Time-Being (2013), was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and will be published in over thirty countries. 

Ruth’s documentary and dramatic independent films, including Halving the Bones, have been shown on PBS, at the Sundance Film Festival, and at colleges and universities across the country.

A longtime Buddhist practitioner, Ruth ordained in 2010 and is affiliated with the Brooklyn Zen Center and the Everyday Zen Foundation.

She lives in British Columbia and New York City.


I wrote a review for A tale for the time being way back when I had just started reviewing books.

Here’s the link to my 5 star mini review of A tale for the time being: https://mjmallon.com/2014/05/09/my-review-of-a-tale-for-the-time-being-by-ruth-ozeki/


Thanks for coming by. Come again soon.

Leave a comment I’d love it if you do.


Kyrosmagica xx

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