Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 10 Faces


When I saw Hugh’s Photo Challenge this week I knew that I had to join in the fun.

I had just the photo in mind, and here he is, Mr Frowning Tree.

Isn’t he extraordinary?

I photographed him some time ago when I was working as a Christmas temp at John Lewis. I was on my way to work one morning, and there he was greeting me with that wretched face. I had to stop and photograph him, I couldn’t walk pass without doing so. I have to admit that on that particular morning I just wasn’t in the mood for work. He knew it. I knew it. I just wanted  to spend time blogging or writing!! Anyway, I saw his sad face and his monumental frown had me in stitches.  He knew what I was thinking: There is nothing as fulfilling as spending time being creative. So that sad tree kind of frowned in sympathy, cheeky so and so….

Today, I was with my daughter in Ely. We were prom dress shopping. We went to a charming shop called Something Special and we found just the right one. The amazing thing was it wasn’t one she had picked. I spotted it! C’est Moi, the Fashionista! It had no price tag on. Eek, but she tried it on anyway, and I prayed it wouldn’t be too expensive. It fitted her like a glove. This in itself was a big bonus as she is so petite that finding a dress is no easy feat. This is the moment when she transformed from a very pretty sixteen year old into classy, and beautiful. The dress is simple, elegant, with just the right amount of detail for her to look like a total knock out.

She just loved it. Of course this midnight blue gown was way over my intended budget. I tried to make her see sense but as we left the shop, she kind of worked her magic on me. Of course she convinced me!! We only walked a few yards down the road, and then we were heading our way back to the shop much to the shop assistant’s amusement and the rest is history. Anyway, that sad tree has a lot to answer for, he’s probably chuckling now, cracking his bark, with splinters of spontaneous laughter. My poor wee bank account…..

So how did my daughter manage to work her magic on me?


We mothers just can’t resist their daughters when they look so beautiful. But, as an insurance policy she promised to get A’s and B’s in her GCSE’s and to help with the price tag…. Clever lass. So I can’t complain.  Perhaps this will spur her on to do extraordinary things….

This is when my day out with my daughter turned into an extraordinary day.

We had such a lovely day in Ely, it was such fun. The sun shone. We walked down to the waterfront and took loads of photographs. This is a common interest as we are both photography mad. I banished the thought of my money blues by suggesting that we visit a free event at the Babylon Gallery. Yes free, can you imagine? The Gallery is right on the waterfront. There is a very interesting exhibition at the moment called Time and Time Again, by Helena g Anderson from 20-31 January. Today is the last day, so hurry if you want to go see it.  It totally took my mind off the state of my bank balance. In fact it was such a wonderful idea to go, as my daughter is doing GCSE Textiles and is a keen photographer and this exhibition really inspired her.  The main theme of the exhibition is “an opportunity to look at the changing nature of time on the human condition, where one sees the body deteriorate but the soul remain omnipresent. Women and girls were photographed in 10-year increments, ranging from 0 to 100 years old.”

Startlingly we recognised one of the photographed faces, a friend of my daughters. Isn’t that quite amazing? It can only happen in Ely you know, you must visit!

More about Babylon Gallery here:,time-and-time-again-helena-g-anderson-2031-january_1906.htm

My photos of Ely will shortly be on my Instagram account so if you’d like to see them please follow the link:

I just love Ely. It is a must see place to visit, with its beautiful cathedral, lovely places to eat, riverside restaurants, and independent bookshops.  Moreover, I just love spending time with my daughters, even when they cost me a fortune.  I even found a dress for the Bloggers Bash too. It was in the same shop, fortunately the price wasn’t in the same frowning price tag league!!! But it was really pretty. So two dresses bought in one day, ouch…. what a day!!

Yes, I’m intending on going to the Bash again this year. I went last year and it was such fun. A day not to miss….

More about the Bloggers Bash this year via Sacha Black’s blog. The date is 11th of June, so do put it in your calendar. By all accounts it sounds like it’s going to be an awesome event. I just can’t wait.

And my account of last year’s event:

Want to meet the organisers and attendees from last year? :


bloggers bash 2016


Here’s the link to Hugh’s blog if you’d like to join in his photography challenge:

Here’s Hugh’s advice on what to do if you want to join in:

This week take a photo of an object that looks like it has a face. Rather than taking photos of the faces of people or animals try and capture an object that looks like it has a face.

Want to join the fun? Here’s what you need to do.
1. Take a photo of an object that looks like it has a face.
2. Create a new post on your blog entitled “Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Week 10 – Faces.”
3. Add the photo(s) you have taken to the post and tell us a little about what you are showing.
4. Create a pingback to this post or leave a link to your post in the comments section below so that other participants can view your post.


Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica XX

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Today I am joining in with Ronovan’s Friday Fictions, a writing flash fiction challenge. Here’s the link to his blog if you’d like to join in too:

His prompt this week to :

Use the first line of one of your favorite songs and begin your story with that line. (REQUIRED)

  • Word count of no more than 300. (STRONGLY SUGGESTED but I don’t want you to let it get in the way of creativity.)
One of my favourite bands are Stereophonics and I just love Indian Summer, and so does my husband, though I think he fancies the girl in the video! That’s ok as I kind of fancy Kelly Jones so we sit there quite happily watching Indian Summer together!


My flash fiction challenge is inspired by the lyrics of Indian Summer.


Here’s my flash fiction challenge:


A Weeping Watercolour.

Every time that I see her, a lightning bolt fills the room. Fire floods my belly. I’m picking up the pieces, living each day alone. I try to hack it but I can’t handle it no more. This is a reservoir of loneliness with no escape.

Our poignant reunion, a gash in my heart. You went back to your jealous husband. I returned to my sad lonely home. Suicide fills my thoughts. I play a game of chance, tiptoeing on top of precarious ledges, hoping that I will fall. But the lover in me climbs back to safety, to life this life alone.

I long for one last kiss that’s all I desire. I lie. I need one moment to stroke your silky skin by the firelight. My longing letters remain unanswered. My words fall, tumbling like brushstrokes on a nude painting. I can see each contour of your skin as I pick up my paintbrush, longing to paint you again.

My painting is finished. I sit back and enjoy your company, dearest, I talk and you, you listen but you don’t reply, only your eyes smile at me, your body glowing with desire. If only you could climb out of the canvas and join me here by the fire. It is raging, roaring. The light from the fire longs to caress your skin, as I do, but your sad eyes stare at me, killing me with your thoughts.

How you love your husband.

How you will never leave him.

I have been a fool. I cannot bear this pain. So I tear your painting piece by piece, ripping it to shreds.

My tears fall, cleansing you from my mind, erasing the last shreds of your painting little by little until you are just a weeping watercolour, a foolish memory.

© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


Please do comment on my flash fiction I would appreciate your overall opinion, and any areas for improvement. Thanks.

Love can be such a destructive force if it is not returned. Or if love has left the happy home. A lonely wretched journey can follow. It always saddens me when I hear about friends suffering in such a way. If only we could erase the pain as easily as we create it in the first place. But life is never that simple. No magic carpet can carry it away…. If only.

That’s it. No more words.

Just a heartfelt wish for happiness for all my friends, and those suffering in such a way.

Hope to see you again soon, there is always a warm welcome here at Kyrosmagica.


Much love Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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Bye Bye Retail Hello Writing!!!!!


As some of you might know from a previous post:

I have been working as a Christmas temp in John Lewis Cambridge, and yesterday was my last day. It has been quite an enlightening and interesting experience in many ways. I started off with oodles and oodles of training. John Lewis puts a lot of priority on staff training so if you want to go into retail in a serious way this definitely is the company to work for. Or if perhaps you might be a student looking for some extra cash while studying, or a return to work mum looking for their first venture back to work…. Or a hopeful author a.k.a someone like me….. Whoever you are John Lewis will take you on if you are prepared to work hard.

Amongst the till training, laws about selling knives, and other hazardous substances we learnt all about different kinds of fire hazards, including chip pan fires!! Hence the funny photo at the top of my post…… An extinguisher would be very appropriate if you happen to work in their staff canteen, and are regularly using industrial sized deep pan fryers. But somehow they didn’t warn us about lesser hazards and potential injuries such as the kimble gun, paper cuts, or staple accidents, etc, which happen on the shop floor!

Here are some of my amusing highlights, I hope you like them:

  • I tend to be a bit accident prone. I managed to cut myself, on shelfing, prick my finger with the point of a kimble gun, drawing blood. This sharp needle like device is used to secure tags to gloves, hats, etc. As well as this a fellow member of staff also stapled her finger at the till! Quite a feat, I’m not quite sure how she managed to do this……
  • Not content with that alone, in the stock room I nearly squashed a fellow member of staff between the unsuspecting racks of clothes, by moving the large winding rack without checking anyone was in there. Oops. I’m so glad she alerted me to her presence up a ladder. She shouted! I would too! It’s bad enough climbing up ladders without being at the mercy of people like me….
  • I’ve had some odd requests from customers and witnessed some strange ones too. A gentleman asked me to take a photo so I asked him what he’d like me to photograph, and he said himself, dressed in his John Lewis jacket and cap. Then he asked me for my impression of the overall look. He was quite handsome ,……
  • One day a man came to my till and said he had a business meeting and he needed to buy something more suitable to wear so he proceeded to buy exactly the same designer black polo shirt, and jeans that he was currently wearing.. How strange, there was no difference at all, and the ones he was wearing didn’t even look worn. It does make me wonder why? Why would he spend so much money to buy exactly the same clothes, in the same colour? Was he about to murder someone in his current set and he needed a clean outfit for later? Ah, this is what happens if you write, you imagine scenarios everywhere… No one can escape your scrutiny.
  • At the till point one of the younger members of staff, a particularly cheerful young chap, who seemed to be particularly keen and vocal in his enthusiasm for customer care was asked to model a children’s hat for a customer, he obliged. It was a monster woolly hat, that covered the majority of his face like a balaclava. Afterwards I remarked that I wish we had had a polaroid camera behind the till to take his photo as evidence of his embarrassing moment.
  • On my last day we had fireworks at the till, well not real ones, just bubble wrap being popped by a nineteen year old co-worker who likes to burst the bubbles on the wrap. Of course it was quiet at the time, she didn’t keep the customers waiting!!
  • There were hugs, a card, with the following message from my boss: “Thanks for your support over Xmas, good luck with your writing, you may be the next J K Rowling!!” No pressure then! Last but certainly not least a pressie of Double Choc Chip Biscuits from Liberty London. Yum… Looking forward to eating these this weekend on my trip to London to go prom shopping for a dress for my daughter!


All in all, experiences are what make writers, they furnish us with ideas, and ideas can come from anywhere, from behind a till, in the stockroom, talking to people…….


I am very happy to have had this particular experience…. oh and the pay packet will come in handy as I will have a lot of expenses over the coming months. Thank you John Lewis…..


Now it is time to settle down and write. I am so excited, I just can’t wait!


I have received an illuminating writer’s report from The Hilary Johnson Authors Advisory Service: on my manuscript, Krystallos.


I know what needs doing, so from Monday I shall be immersing myself in writing…… with a view to editing parts of the manuscript, making some necessary changes, and then self-publishing….


But to do that I will have to put my sad hat on, one of the Writer’s Advisory Agency recommendations was to make my main character much more afflicted by sorrow at the beginning of the manuscript, so with that in mind I will have to try and read sad books, immerse myself in a general theme of sadness…. so that my main character, Amelina, will engage with readers on a more personal level. Teenagers like to dwell on the dark side of life and this is something I have to remember to do….
More about that and my progress editing in later posts to come….. Keep me at it, please don’t let me slack. Pester me…


So with editing in mind I am currently reading a book that found me quite by chance. It’s nice when that happens, I saw it at the park and ride bus stop on the way to work, (a free read donated by a fellow traveller.) I’m so glad I picked it up as it is quite a short, interesting, and sad read.
Look At Me by Anita Brookner, here’s the Goodreads synopsis:




A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to share in the joys and pleasures of the lives of a glittering couple, only to find her hopes of companionship and happiness shattered.


So book bloggers/enthusiasts, do you have any book recommendations for sad books? Do let me know particularly if they have a young, preferably female main protagonist.


Lots to be done but now the path is set, all I have to do is walk in Amelina’s shoes, and hope she will lead me to the light…..


Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


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My Kyrosmagica Review of The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of The Window and Disappeared




Goodreads Synopsis:

It all starts on the one-hundredth birthday of Allan Karlsson. Sitting quietly in his room in an old people’s home, he is waiting for the party he-never-wanted-anyway to begin. The Mayor is going to be there. The press is going to be there. But, as it turns out, Allan is not… Slowly but surely Allan climbs out of his bedroom window, into the flowerbed (in his slippers) and makes his getaway. And so begins his picaresque and unlikely journey involving criminals, several murders, a suitcase full of cash, and incompetent police. As his escapades unfold, we learn something of Allan’s earlier life in which – remarkably – he helped to make the atom bomb, became friends with American presidents, Russian tyrants, and Chinese leaders, and was a participant behind the scenes in many key events of the twentieth century. Already a huge bestseller across Europe, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is a fun and feel-good book for all ages. 


My review:

I loved The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson right from the start. The title itself just sums up the story so well, it is long, and diverse like the age of the main protagonist Allan, and it whets the reader’s curiosity by being so crazy sounding.

What’s not to love about a hundred year old man who climbs out of his old folks home to escape his own wretched birthday party?

The party organiser,  Director Alice, isn’t exactly a bundle of riotous laughs, she’s a party pooper if there was ever one, so it’s no wonder that strong minded Allan opts out. There is something so appealing and admirable about this centenarian who still has that spirit of adventure well and truly centre place in his heart, even if he is not quite as quick on his feet and his bladder control is somewhat lacking!

The Hundred-Old Man had me chuckling, and thoroughly entertained throughout.

This is a very cleverly executed book, it manages to take us on a journey to diverse parts of the world, Sweden, Russia, USA, and encompasses such a wide range of genres in one book: humour, romance, an adventure story, shifting time periods,  from orphan Allan’s present to his very fascinating past as an explosive expert, referencing major events and names in history and world politics, such as Stalin, Oppenheimer, Harry Truman, Charles D Gaulle, Lyndon Johnson, Winston Churchill, ….. which astound the reader with  Allan’s part in them verging on the extreme scale of preposterous but somehow still manage to retain an element of far-fetched believability for the narrative to be successful. The author manages to carry  this off by sticking to the novel’s premise and allowing The Hundred Year Old Man  to be an extreme case of crazy from the very start to the finish line. I  liked that!

WARNING: Readers beware, you must be willing to suspend rational belief, and join in this adventure in a light hearted way, or this novel will just not work for you.

Allan is on the run, (except he can’t run,)  from the police after stealing a suitcase full of cash from a young man, his actions are justified in the following manner: “When life has gone into overtime it’s easy to take liberties,”   thereafter the reader would suppose that the young man, (who turns out to be a criminal element,) would be a serious threat to Allan’s wellbeing. Wrong. Don’t let Allan’s age fool you, rascal Allan is not to be trifled with!!

On his crazy travels this non-politically driven, Vodka swilling ancient befriends a petty thief, a hotdog stand owner who has made it an art form to study as many subjects as he can, (the list of his almost occupations are long and varied!): a doctor, welder, vet, literature expert, etc, etc, and a red haired lady, renamed the Beauty, with a penchant for expressing herself with expletives, who is the proud owner of a dog and a pet elephant called Sonya.

A series of unfortunate events happen, which don’t seem to phase Allan at all, including several murders giving rise to wave after wave of black humour. So you name it, this novel has it all in extreme bucketful’s.  In fact in my opinion, it packs an almighty explosive punch, that gets your belly heaving with laughter!!

So definitely without a doubt The Hundred Year Old Man is one to grace my favourites shelf, and if you haven’t read it what are you waiting for? Go get a copy….

My rating: 5 loud preposterous crazy chuckling stars!!

Doctors Prescription: Preferably consume with a strong shot of Vodka (Allan’s favourite drink,)  to increase your reading adventure.


Have you read The Man Who Climbed Out of The Window? If you have do let me know your opinion…


Just some of my favourite quotes:

“Allan looked at the bus and then at the suitcase, then again at the bus and then again at the suitcase. It has wheels, he said to himself. And there’s a strap to pull it by too. And then Allan surprised himself by making what – you have to admit – was decision to say ‘yes’ to life.”

“People could behave how they liked, but Allan considered that in general it was quite unnecessary to be grumpy if you had the chance not to.”

                   “Never try to out drink a Swede, unless you happen to be a Finn or at least a Russian.”

“There are only two things I can do better than most people. One of them is to make vodka from goats’ milk, and the other is to put together an atom bomb.”

“I shall destroy capitalism! Do you hear! I shall destroy every single capitalist! And I shall start with you, you dog, if you don’t help us with the bomb!’
Allan noted that the had managed to be both a rat and a dog in the course of a minute or so. And that Stalin was being rather inconsistent, because now he wanted to use Allan’s services after all.
But Allan wasn’t going to sit there and listen to this abuse any longer. He had come to Moscow to help them out, not to be shouted at. Stalin would have to manage on his own.
‘I’ve been thinking,’ said Allan.
‘What,’ said Stalin angrily.
‘Why don’t you shave off that moustache?’
With that the dinner was over, because the interpreter fainted.”

“Imagine that, death was just like being asleep. Would he have time to think before it was all over? And would he have time to think that he had thought it? But wait, how much do you have to think before you have finished thinking?”

Bye for now, hope to see you soon….



Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx



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Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt Challenge: Crystal and Hope



Well with a prompt like that from Ron there is just no way that I wouldn’t join in with the Haiku prompt challenge this week. Who could say no? Not me for sure.

Here’s a link to Ron’s blog if you’d like to join his weekly challenge:

I just love Crystals, and they feature in my writing.

Hope and Crystals kind of go hand in hand don’t they?

But perhaps with light there is always a touch of darkness, so with my haiku I am going to focus on the idea of unrequited love.

We all have at some time in our lives experienced differing degrees of unrequited relationships. In my experience I remember one such case when I was very young, it wasn’t love,  it was a touch of infatuation.  I fancied this young chap, and to be honest I kind of made it pretty obvious that I liked him. We did go out on a date but it was no fun at all, he  just dumped me in the middle of the night in Edinburgh not caring how I got home or if I got home.  In his eyes I think it was a bit of a prank to play on me, he must have thought I had been chasing him and perhaps he didn’t even fancy me. Anyway it was very upsetting and the memory of it still remains with me to this day. But it did teach me one thing, anyone that behaves in such an uncaring and unpleasant way can’t be worthy of my attention let alone of a relationship with me. So this curly haired young chap did me a favour in a way, his behaviour made me a little more reticent perhaps in chasing after a boy. I never went out with curly haired boys ever again! Instead I chose dark haired guys with straight hair, played it cool, let the boys do the running and the boys seemed to like that! So girls, take a tip from me, keep an aura of mystique and let the guy do the chasing.

Thereafter nobody broke my heart, not that he did, but he dented my pride. I have been lucky in love, and for that I am very blessed, so the haiku at the end of this blog post ends on a positive note.

So with that in mind let’s return back to Ron’s prompt words Crystal and Hope, by introducing you to a photo that I took of a very special crystal grotto,  isn’t it spectacular?

get-attachment Kyrstallos picture

I wrote a post way back about this amazing place called Juniper Artland where I photographed this grotto, “The Light That Pours Out Of Me,” by Anya Gallacio, so perhaps if you’ve been following my blog for a long while you will remember it. If not, then here it is, (it’s always worth a multiple visit, so do click on the link):

Juniper Artland is a must see recommendation f you are ever in Scotland, it really is an amazingly inspiring place, here’s some of the other links on my blog in which I feature my response to sculptures at this wonderful Artland (via my photography and poetry) :

So this is my haiku inspired by Anya Gallacio’s magnificent Crystal grotto:


The Grotto of Unrequited Love


His  promise ring sits,

Crystal bright on my finger,

Mockery of  hope.


 In  tearful pieces,

Hope’s sweet embrace lost in stone,

Cruel, a clear cut edge.


Pain’s ocean rages,

Knife to fortune’s longing heart,

Hope’s pathway crumbles.


Crystal deep ridges,

Bury far inside my soul,

Desire groaning.


Luminous moment,

Lips lock hope’s tomfoolery,

Final kiss goodbye.


Fool I, to want you,

Curly haired lover,

Hope’s cheeky prankster .



Darkness fills my soul, echoes,

Past sorrows return.


Transient moments,

Now, forgotten, forgiven,

Replaced by love’s light.


In Crystal Grotto,

Forever, hope, sparkles bright,

Love finds its sweet way.


© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


Do comment and let me know what you thought of my haikus, and of course the amazing  Juniper Artland.

Today I’m off work, so I’m doing a bit of blogging this morning, then off to Tai Chi, later in the day I have lots of chores to catch up on, sigh, if only I could do them like this!

Bye for now,

file (8)

Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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David Bowie’s Top 100 Books

Source: David Bowie’s Top 100 Books

My friend Jade at Scatterbooker wrote this wonderful tribute to my hero David Bowie, which features his top 100 books, I just loved him and his music, he was such a creative and wonderful soul. So sad that he is no longer with this, but no doubt his music, and his special uniqueness  will live on in our hearts. The world has lost a true artist,  RIP David. x

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#Girllove Blog Challenge


Thank you to Janice at On the Land for tagging me in the #Girllove Blog Challenge. You can see her awesome post about this here:

#Girllove challenge, launched by Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman, on her  YouTube Channel. Lilly Singh is a Canadian vlogger, actress, comedian, and rapper, age 27. She is tired of ‘girl-on-girl hate’ in schools, workplaces, and social media, so she decided to reverse trends by promoting #GirlLove.  In her empowering video  young women speak out  about their respect and gratitude for other women in their lives. Proceeds from video views will go to the Malala Fund to help educate girls around the world. The goal of the fund is to “enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities”.

Lilly’s challenge was to compliment other women in social media using the hashtag #GirlLove.  In the blogging world the challenge has become more detailed.

Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove Challenge:

  1. Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis. 
  2. Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!

Janice has a really wonderful blog so if you aren’t currently following her I would really recommend that you rush over there right now and remedy that.

Janice chose some wonderful female bloggers for the #Girllove accolade,so do visit their blogs.

I was so thrilled that she mentioned me! Thank you so much Janice. I think your blog is just wonderful too.

My favourite #Girllove celebrity is Bethany Hamilton who I have mentioned before on my blog. She survived a shark attack, was left with an amputated arm, but overcame this and went on to inspire young people with her amazing surfing skills. Do read about my tribute to her on my #WQW post for Colleen’s Writers Quote Wednesday:

My real life #Girllove person is undoubtedly my mum she is a rock,I have so much love and respect for her.

There is a wonderful list of truly inspiring celebrities on Marie Claire, my favourites are Aung San Suu Kuy, 1991 Nobel prize winner for peace,  Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Shami Chakrabarti the director of Liberty and Oprah Winfrey.

I don’t normally do tags any more but since it is a while since I’ve done one I decided it would be nice to take part and do a shout out for the fantastic blogging lasses out there, and when I got started I couldn’t stop! My first few names kind of grew to rather a long list, boy the sweat is dripping from my brow.

Here are my #Girllove nominees, I could have gone on and on as there are so many bloggers on WordPress and beyond that I admire and enjoy following, so I broke the rules and went beyond the five nominees. But, I had to limit myself a little so I decided to limit my choices to my favourite pastimes, so there are authors, book bloggers, photographers, artistic and creative bloggers, and jewellery enthusiasts. Oh and a humour choice blogger had to creep in, where would we be without a chuckle?

Here they are in all their glory:

Vashti, an enthusiastic and friendly writer who enjoys taking part in many of the on-line activities that I enjoy too, such as #WQW and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. She has such a lovely About Me page that by the time you finished reading it you feel as if you know her, and want to give her a big hug.

Lynz, this lady has a flair for real cooking but more that that she has a remarkably painful and captivating story to tell. She has just recently started a new venture on Fridays, doing a shout out to make us aware of other bloggers in the community that she particularly enjoys and likes.

Colleen of Silver Threading is re-creating herself during her retirement, sharing, “stories, dreams, poetry, and good old-fashioned wisdom tempered by humor.” As well as this she is the coordinator of #WQW Writer’s Quote Wednesday, a contributing book reviewer and part of the team  on Lit World Interviews  and Authors Support Authors. Can’t get any better than that! This lady rocks, with a capital R!!

Charley loves many things that are so dear to my heart namely: “books, baking, theatre, visiting places, home.”  Perfect, bliss, such a lovely lass!!

Jade at Scatterbooker is a book reviewer who just loves books of all genres, hence the blog name Scatterbooker. She has a lovely cat called Zeus, and lives in Melbourne, lucky girl! A cat and the beach, I get so jealous of her cat and beach photos on Instagram….

Heena is a lovely lass, a “Writer and Author. Her first book, “Deceived, a psychological thriller, is due to be published in the later half of 2016.” She has two blogs one of which is dedicated to her love of books :
and her book blog:

Galit of Coffee and Notes is another fellow Instagram enthusiast, and a lovely lass,”a writer of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, YA, Science Fiction as well as a blogger, book reviewer, a declared coffee addict, a gamer and an avid reader.”

Helen is a writer, “When I’m not writing I like to walk, paint, shake my thing at Zumba class and study karate. I have a black belt (helpful when writing fight scenes) and a very nice husband (helpful when writing love scenes)” Blush, blush Helen!! I met the lovely Helen at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015 in London.

Esther is ” a freelance writer, copywriter and writing tutor for The Writers Bureau.” I met her in person at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015 and she is as lovely in person as she is on her blog. There are many resources on her blog for would be authors so do check it out:

Sacha: Is the brain child behind the Annual Bloggers Bash. This lady does so much for the blogging community and works tirelessly whilst holding down a full time job and looking after her young son. So do check out her blog:

Ali : Another star, this lovely lady is also an organiser of the Annual Bloggers Bash. What can I say? It was so lovely to meet Ali in person. Do pop over to her blog to say hi, you won’t regret it, Ali’s blog lives up to its wonderfully storytelling name….

Annika. Writing has been Annika’s passion since childhood. She has a fascinating blog, and is such a friendly,  encouraging lady, a real Swedish gem:

Debby, is a “nonfiction memoir writer who likes to write about life, matters of the heart and women’s issues. Her intent “is to inspire others by sharing my stories about events I encountered, and the lessons that come along with them.” Debby has been a star, often retweeting me on twitter, thanks so much Debby for all your support.

Sally has a truly eclectic blog and does so much to support and encourage other bloggers. Definitely one to follow. :

Val  like myself has Scottish routes, (my father is Scottish and I lived in Edinburgh as a child, and teenager.) Her blog is all about finding your middle ground, and a sense of the importance of balance in life. Being that when I was younger I trained as a holistic therapist and practised for a while, this message is dear to my heart:

Rachael, is the wonderful organiser of writing #Blogbattle that I enjoy participating in from time to time in this blog. She has a lovely About Me page, here is a short snippet that I particularly related to: “Who am I?  Well, I guess I’m just a girl who grew up but isn’t growing old on the inside.  I’m just a stubborn person who refuses to let go of some hopes and goals.  I’m  a faithful woman who desires to speak truth in love. I’m not special to everyone, but I’m worth it to someone.” You’re definitely worth it Rachael, so many times over…

Lucy, at Blonde Write More loves a touch a humour and I do too, she is also a Bloggers Bash girl who I met in August 2015, and this talented lady won the Funniest Blogger Award. As well as this we both like to engage in Writing on Rachael Ritchie’s Blog Battle too.

Ritu, “a working mum of 2, loving  wife, daughter, sister, friend to many… I started this blog to just air views, and reminisce,” I’m all for reminiscing Ritu… especially with a smile…:

Edwina likes to look at the lighter side of life, and I do too, at least most of the time! With delights such as Wacky Word Wednesday, and a shared enthusiasm for haiku too:

Diane is a Romance writer, who “talks to her cat, reads 2-3 books at a time, constantly searches for new vegan recipes and creates her characters. In her spare time, she loves camping and building dollhouses.” Do check out her friendly blog:

Suzie: was at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015, and has an awesome blog, definitely one to follow. She is the face behind the #SundayBlogshare. As well as this she won the Services to Bloggers Award at the Bloggers Bash 2015 and The Most Inspiring Blog Award. Like me she likes to Instagram too. What are you waiting for, pop over to Suzie’s blog for a chit chat….

Sarah of First Night Design shares my love of all things creative. Where would we be without these beauties? ” art, design, theatre,  history, food, cinema and more.”

Inese is an incredible photographer, capturing those moments that mean so much and she is such a very friendly, chatty blogger, a definite delight to follow:

Julia, has a truly sumptuous blog which features her love of the colour red. Take a glimpse at all she has to offer in terms of photography, fashion, yummy food to devour, movies, writing, and quotes:

Irene shares my love of gemstones and jewellery. She lives in sunny Spain. Lucky lady!  Do check out her lovely blog:

All the above bloggers are totally awesome, friendly, lovely, supportive people so do check them out without delay!

I’d also like to mention that guy bloggers are incredible too and I do hope that one of the male bloggers might do a #Guylove post!!! To celebrate all those incredible male bloggers out there who do a fantastic job encouraging, and inspiring others in the blogging community……

Otherwise I’ll have to put on my suit and tie and pretend I’m a guy …. so I can do a shout out…

Any offers Guys??   …. Hurry,  the alternative could be embarrassing!!

Bye for now, much love,



Marje @ Kyrosmagica

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Guest Post by Hugh Roberts – How to Become a Successful Blogger!


Hugh is doing a series of guest posts on Janice’s blog Jemsbooks about blogging – this first one is all about creating a wonderful About Me page. The About Me page is and always should be your friendly welcoming page, and he explains how to achieve a first class About Me page and sustain it to the max in this wonderful post.

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Ronovan Writes Haiku Prompt Challenge: Vast and Clear



This week Ronovan’s prompt words are Vast and Clear let’s see, what can I come up with…. tricky… I’m feeling melancholy today, not a usual state for me, but one that often follows the aftermath of all the Christmas festivities. I tend to be prone to a large dollop of the New Year blues!

Instead of fighting against this like I usually do I thought it might be interesting to try to focus on this sense of sadness and despair because like an actor, an author has to get into role and use feelings to good effect!

I intend to utilise this in some of my New Year writing so please do forgive the less humorous approach!  Kyrosmagica blog is all about the lightness and darkness in life, in my experience both go hand in hand, and the interplay between the two fascinate me.

I’ve called my miserable haiku Nothing New,  Kills Me.

I made a mistake when writing this I thought the prompt words were vast and new instead of vast and clear so apologies Ronovan, I’ve edited most of the haikus with the word clear!!


Nothing New,  Kills Me


Your words lodge bitter,

Vast oceans of clear sadness,

Nothing new, kills me.


New heartbreak lodges,

Vast cruel, unsurmountable.

Terrors playing friends.


A new morning comes,

Light Trickling through clear windows,

Whispering vast nonsense.


New and old mingle,

Clear, lengthy fragments, spoken,

Vast,  unstoppable.


New light promises,

Vast, clear, illuminating,

Ruin of darkness.


New guilty footsteps,

Clear no one will find me love,

Vast oceans away.


© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


Hope you liked the angst laden haiku! I feel a lot better, writing sad haiku is so therapeutic…   enough melodrama for one day, now it’s time to do the washing…


Bye for now,

bitstrips melodrama


Marje @ Kyrosmagica x

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Writer’s Quote Wednesday: Aging Disgracefully!!


For Writer’s Quote Wednesday I want to highlight a book that I am currently reading, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson to celebrate staying young at heart, and getting up to mischief for as long as humanely p0sssible!

Here’s the synopsis on Goodreads:

It all starts on the one-hundredth birthday of Allan Karlsson. Sitting quietly in his room in an old people’s home, he is waiting for the party he-never-wanted-anyway to begin. The Mayor is going to be there. The press is going to be there. But, as it turns out, Allan is not… Slowly but surely Allan climbs out of his bedroom window, into the flowerbed (in his slippers) and makes his getaway. And so begins his picaresque and unlikely journey involving criminals, several murders, a suitcase full of cash, and incompetent police. As his escapades unfold, we learn something of Allan’s earlier life in which – remarkably – he helped to make the atom bomb, became friends with American presidents, Russian tyrants, and Chinese leaders, and was a participant behind the scenes in many key events of the twentieth century. Already a huge bestseller across Europe, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared is a fun and feel-good book for all ages.

The main protagonist is a one hundred year old man, a downright ridiculously sprightly scoundrel.

Here are a few quotes to tempt you to read this novel, unless you already have! Do comment below I’d love to hear your opinion..

“Allan looked at the bus and then at the suitcase, then again at the bus and then again at the suitcase. It has wheels, he said to himself. And there’s a strap to pull it by too. And then Allan surprised himself by making what – you have to admit – was decision to say ‘yes’ to life.”

“When life has gone into overtime it’s easy to take liberties.”

The humour just keeps on coming, and coming even when the main protagonist Allan considers death:

“Imagine that, death was just like being asleep. Would he have time to think before it was all over? And would he have time to think that he had thought it? But wait, how much do you have to think before you have finished thinking?”

So with the sentiments of this book in mind here’s a little quote I’ve written myself:

With each day we get a little older but our minds mock our creaking limbs by remaining youthful, that is the wicked truth of life, and there is no escaping it.

So, like the sea, my constant friend, drift with the tide of life, exalt in the highs and prepare for the lows, but remain in your heart forever young, a humorous scoundrel longing for your next adventure.


To end my Writer’s Quote Wednesday I’m finishing off with these superb quotes that sum it up for me:

“At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.”
Salvador Dalí

“It takes a very long time to become young.”
Pablo Picasso

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”
Franz Kafka

If you’d like to take part in Colleen at Silver Threading’s wonderful link up for Writer’s Quote Wednesday, and Ronovan’s Bewow, (Be Wonderful Wednesday,) here’s the link:

© Marjorie Mallon 2015 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.

Bye for now, hope you liked my quotes!!!

Oh and by the way I’m on Instagram now too and if you’d like to see my recent photos here’s the link:



Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx





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