Still Me ❤️ A message and a prayer. #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth #MentalHealth #jigsawpuzzles @PeacebyPiecePuz

Beautiful poem and details of some very special puzzles via Natalie Ducey#alzheimersawarenessmonth #mentalhealth #jigsawpuzzkes

January is Alzheimer’s awareness month in Canada. ♥

STILL ME was written with deep respect for those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, and their dear loved ones who know the journey well. I like to believe that although memories become fragmented and misplaced, the Soul never forgets. This is my hope and prayer.

When Nicole and I launched Peace by Piece Puzzles, it was important for us to include a puzzle with the verse STILL ME. Choosing the image was done was utmost care.

We have met so many wonderful, incredibly inspiring people who have shared their stories with us. This is an honour we hold very close to our hearts.


The photographs have faded
Held in hands that show my age
Memories I can’t recall
Words adrift from their page.

Familiar faces are elusive
But my eyes have served me well
It’s the mind that…

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