Happy New Year!!!

Wishing you all much health, happiness and joy in 2020.

I have a good feeling about the coming year and I expect it will be much better than 2019. It’s been a wonderful break over the holiday period spent with my hubby and two daughters. I have many exciting things to look forward to in 2020 including the forthcoming release of two books: My YA fantasy: The Curse of Time Book 2 Golden Healer (which has and continues to be such hard work and a definite challenge) phew! And a book of poetry and prose which I am currently working on. Title to be revealed soon!

Happy New Year and Happy Creating! Xxx





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#BookReview: Space Dust by Eloise De Sousa #Picturebook

We’re going on a trip to the stars in Big Ox’s canoe.
Watch fire bears roar on Venus,
as pepper pot trees grow on the moon.
As Big Ox steers us to the planets
using his absolute favourite spoon,
Little one sits wondering if mum will come home soon.



A very cute picture book that will make both the adult and the child smile. Lovely simple illustrations by the author which are colourful and fun. A recommendation for parents, carers and grandparents to read to their little ones.

Received a copy of the book from the author but my opinions are my own and unbiased.

Rating: 5 stars.

I featured Eloise Space Dust Blog Tour here: https://mjmallon.com/2019/10/04/eloise-de-sousas-space-dust-blog-tour/

Authors website: http://eloisedesousa.wordpress.com

Amazon Buying Link below.


Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are getting a chance to read and relax over the holidays! I’ve added a new contact form below so please do leave a comment so I can see it works!

Many thanks.

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas hope you are having a lovely day with friends and family.

I’ve got a very full tummy so no gymnastics for me! No chance I’ll come down the chimney ever again…

All the best,



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Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #Photoprompt #TankaTuesday #Micropoetry

This week for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge there’s an awesome photo to use as inspiration, which you can see above. Image Credit: Commons: Wikipedia.ogr

Hibiscus flowers bring back memories of tropical sunshine. Nowadays, I enjoy catching a glimpse of them at the Botanical Gardens in their glasshouses, this is one I photographed a while ago…

My Tanka poem in response to this:

Hibiscus Flame

Hibiscus Flower

Fragility of your flame

Memories not lost

Recalled by rain drops falling

Caressing tender petals.


Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

A Merry Christmas to you all. xxx

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YAY! The Elf’s Shelf Book Fair and Blogmas #12daysofbooks #writingcommunity #amreadingIndie #bookmas


The Elf’s Shelf Book Fair is coming to a close this Friday 12th December, so do check it out. I’m featured with my YA Fantasy The Curse of Time Book 1 Bloodstone along with lots of talented authors, members of the Fantasy and Science Fiction Author Support Group who have gathered to share their books priced 99¢ to $3.99 with you! Each day there will be 2-3 books shared with you readers for your perusing pleasures.
December 13th to the 24th there will be the 12 days of Bookmas hosted by Rose Montague with the administrators of the Facebook group as co-hosts: Claire Buss, Ellwyn Autumn, Cheryllynn Dyess and Rennie St. James.
Throughout the month, authors will post about any #coverreveals or #newreleases they may have. This month is all about you enjoying books. These books will be great gifts to yourselves as well as any readers in your circle!
Readers, I’d love to have you give us some #bookrecommendations throughout the month as well! Use #Myrec or #bookrec or something along that nature on twitter!!! We WANT BOOKS!
Twitter: @AuthorFsf #FSFRL

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Images of Esme and The Creature, etc, via talented artist/illustrator – Carolina Russo: https://yesterdayafter.com/

Photograph of the Grasshopper, and image of Corpus Christi Chronophage via Dr J C Taylor, OBE. http://www.johnctaylor.com/

Image of the Bloodstone and Black cat via Samantha Murdoch. https://samanthamurdochblog.wordpress.com/

Buy Book: myBook.to/TheCurseofTime
Unique Selling Point: Unique, Imaginative, ‘Charming, enchanting and richly layered this is purely delightful.’
“This delightful book will appeal to teens and young adults who love stories filled with magical crystals, dark family curses, and mysteries waiting to be solved around every corner. Each chapter leads you on a journey of discovery where Amelina earns the right to use three wizard stones to reset the balance of time and finally break the curse that holds her family hostage. A captivating tale!” – Colleen M. Chesebro (Editor)

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