The Magic of the Robin #Spirit #Animal #Encounters #Poetry

My latest piece about a Robin I encountered recently on our collaborative blog sisters of the fey. #robin #spiritanimal #magical #encounter

The Sisters of the Fey

I made a new friend recently in the Botanical Gardens in Cambridge. This sweet robin came and sat beside me on a bench as if he had something important to say to me: a Christmas message perhaps. I thought he was so cute and friendly that I wrote a poem about him on my blog:

Symbolism of Robins

These sweet birds are associated with: family, a sense of community, living in the moment, leaving the past behind, the season of spring, rejuvenation,  new beginnings, happiness expressed through song/music, feeling abundant, (in nature, not caring so much for material things,) and being grateful.

Meaning of a robin sighting:

A robin sighting can be  a divine messenger teaching you to protect what you love and learn to live with those who may not be like you. What in your life resembles the robin’s nature? What can you do to change who…

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  1. Marje, your post is so positive and uplifting.
    I have for long also had a Robin friend and he will sit with me and we ‘talk’. He will peck on the window in
    the morning and I tell him he is beautiful. It is joyful.
    One summer I kept having a Dragonfly come and sit on the armrest of the sofa in the garden. Quite magic.

    Birds altogether are special.


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