Magic of Trees: Purpurea – #SpiritualSisters – #Trees #MagicalConnections #Nature

In my last Magic of Trees post I introduced you to The Dawn Redwood:

Today come and join me, take a seat on the tiny bench and let’s wander in the Cambridge University Botanic Garden…

The gardens are home to one of the most magnificent tree collections in the East of England. I am most fortunate to be able to spend time there during my lunch breaks from work, (except now we are on Lockdown in Cambridge.)

I would like to share with you a Champion Tree of Britain and Ireland.

(Owen 2003) lists Cambridge University Botanic Garden amongst the top 15 gardens in Britain and Ireland with 21 champions and I have a treat for you.


Meet… 20190121_134842 (2)

Catalpa erubescens Carrie`re ‘Purpurea’ (Bignoniaceae). 

The above photo gives you some indication of this trees mighty bark.

This magnificent tree is situated in the Rock Garden.


If you stand under it’s branches it becomes eerie and imposing …. Giving a sense of its mysterious darkness…

20190121_135924 (3)

From a distance you are struck by its cheeky, twisty bark – (its light side) –  that  dances and twirls in unity with the branches above.


Trees truly have a remarkable energy. A short spell spent with them during my busy day helps me to relax and recharge for the rest of the day.

A fascinating article about trees: The Guardian ‘Places of sanctuary, opportunity, menace and death.’

In the meantime remember to visit a forest, (lockdown permitting!) spend time in your garden, and hug a tree for me! 

Do comment below about any nature walks you have enjoyed recently.

A reading suggestion… I hope you might like it:

Mr. Sagittarius is a collection of poetry, prose and photographic images inspired by the botanical gardens in Cambridge. Photography is in the genes! Both my uncle and grandfather were photographers. My grandfather A.G. Ingram was originally with the photography company Ingram, Gordon & Co in Haddington up until the mid thirties.  Then he ventured on his own to form the Scottish Pictorial Press in Edinburgh supplying photos to the press.  When war broke out Scottish Pictorial Press became defunct.  After the war he started AG Ingram Ltd, Commercial Photographers, at 3 successive locations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Available for free on kindle unlimited and to buy in kindle and paperback:

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  1. What a refreshing outing, Marje.
    I do love trees and this Champion surely lives up to its expectations. It is fascinating how nature can offer you a different feeling when observed from close proximity.

    Thank you for sharing.

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