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Prior to COVID19 I would often take a walk in Cambridge Botanical Gardens. I’d linger amongst nature, enjoying every aspect of the gardens, particularly the spectacular beauty of trees. There are many champion trees which impress the observer with their massive height, and girth. But, on one particular occasion a smaller tree caught my attention and surprised me with its undeniably magical quality!

Yes, the paperbark maple Acer griseum caught my eye – it is such a graceful tree. Its bark peels like paper to reveal fresh, bright bark, peeling away layers of imagination to reveal new possibilities…

Of course, such a tree would appeal to an author!

This tree is so amazing it is as if it is forever telling a new story like a youth never growing old. In contrast, I believe the undersides of its leaves are a grey colour, showing two sides to its wonderment.

It is native to China and in winter it adds to the diversity of winter beauty with its rustic-coloured bark. In the autumn, it has deep scarlet or burnt orange leaves.

Its bark curls adding an extra dimension to its magical, eye-catching nature.

I think you will agree it is an amazing tree! Yes, I do love trees…

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Mr. Sagittarius is a collection of poetry, prose and photographic images inspired by the botanical gardens in Cambridge. Photography is in the genes! Both my uncle and grandfather were photographers. My grandfather A.G. Ingram was originally with the photography company Ingram, Gordon & Co in Haddington up until the mid thirties.  Then he ventured on his own to form the Scottish Pictorial Press in Edinburgh supplying photos to the press.  When war broke out Scottish Pictorial Press became defunct.  After the war he started AG Ingram Ltd, Commercial Photographers, at 3 successive locations in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’m thrilled to announce I am included amongst some wonderful poets in Colleen Chesebro’s poetry book store with my poetry, prose and photography collection Mr. Sagittarius:

Early reviews: 5 stars from Ritu Bhathal

And 5 star review from Colleen Chesebro: February 2020 Books #AmReading

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