Book Review: The Gypsy Bride by Katie Hutton

A moving and tragic cross-cultural love story for readers of Dilly Court and Kitty Neale.

Oxfordshire, 1917

Ellen is growing up in the Oxfordshire countryside. The granddaughter of a Methodist preacher and intending to marry Charlie, a boy from the local village, Ellen’s life is mapped out for her.

When Charlie is killed on the battlefields of the First World War, Ellen is left heart-broken and lost. But then she meets Sam Loveridge. Mysterious and unruly, Sam is from a local Gypsy community, and unlike anyone Ellen has ever met before. Before she knows what’s hit her, Ellen is swept off her feet and shown a world of passion, excitement – and true love.

But the conservative world that Ellen is from can’t possibly understand or approve of their relationship, and Ellen and Sam are torn apart. Is their love strong enough overcome their cultural distances, or will the hostility and prejudice they face destroy their chance at happiness?

The Gypsy Bride is a dramatic new saga for readers of A Village Scandal.

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‘The history is meticulous and fascinating and the character of Sam Loveridge is absolutely captivating – I can still hear his voice perfectly, months after finishing.’ Julie Cohen, bestselling author of The Two Lives of Louis and Louise

‘A family saga that had me hooked from the first page.’ Lynn Johnson, author of The Girl from the Workhouse

A richly evoked, completely involving story of love, loss and redemption. So satisfying., Liz Woodcraft, author of The Girls from Greenway

Katie Hutton transports you to a forgotten England in this poignant story of star-crossed lovers. A triumph!, Catherine Kullman, author of The Gracechurch Trilogy

The history is meticulous and fascinating and the character of Sam Loveridge is absolutely captivating – I can still hear his voice perfectly, months after finishing., Julie Cohen, bestselling author of The Two Lives of Louis and Louise

A moving love story, brilliantly depicting the dynamic between settled communities and gypsies., Patricia O’Reilly, author of The First Rose of Tralee

A family saga that had me hooked from the first page., Lynn Johnson, author of The Girl from the Workhouse

The Gypsy Bride is an enthralling and well-researched saga, Lancashire Evening Post –This text refers to the paperback edition.

My review

I was thrilled to receive a paperback copy of The Gypsy Bride to read and review and share my opinion with you. It’s all very positive, I enjoyed reading this so much while drinking coffee in a local coffee shop!

From page one I was enthralled. This is a lovely historical tale of star-crossed lovers, which will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. There is a sense of sadness within the pages of this book, but this is counterbalanced with hope. Poor Ellen has to try come to terms with the death of her fiance.

Her rigid Methodist upbringing is so at odds with her lover’s carefree gypsy life. But is Sam as carefree as he appears to be? Or, is he unhappy, childless and married to the wrong person?

Circumstances and fate’s cruel hand force Ellen to make some painful and unfortunate decisions which have far-reaching and tragic consequences.

This is the first book that I’ve read from this author. I was impressed by the natural flow and effortless of Katie Hutton’s writing.

Wonderful storytelling. The gypsy way of life is well-researched making the story so authentic and vivid. Great characters, great story. A favourite.

5 stars. Highly recommended

About the Author

I am an Irish writer of mainly historical fiction, currently living in Tuscany, with my Italian husband, two sons and an old tabby cat. I also write under my own name, Katherine Mezzacappa, and as Kate Zarrelli. Core themes in my fiction are love and culture clash, and these come to the fore in my début historical novel, The Gypsy Bride. I’m currently revising the sequel, The Gypsy’s Daughter, for publication next year. In my spare time I volunteer with a secondhand book charity of which I’m a founder member. For my latest news please follow me on Twitter @KatieHuttonAut1.

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