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Voices (In The Trash)Voices by Frank Prem
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love this collection. So imaginative to photograph images from a second hand shop and write poetry about them! The objects Frank Prem finds are so unusual.
Here are some of my favourites in the collection:
Ain’t nothing – half naked gnomes suspended from the ceiling.
Too much – a mask face! so funny. My Dance card. Manby – then it changed – sad and so true. Liked – about a stuffed toy. Chill Factor – about a glass head. What remains has a sadness to it and refers to a naked discarded doll. We do not/You do not. Who Knew is imaginative and funny.
Who the poem about the discarded things that look like Dr Who Dalaks. Two fruit themes: Your Friend, and The Hot Chili Brothers Band. Such a cute one about paintbrushes: the one. Reminiscent of childhood: at me I’m flying. For Cinderella fans with a twist : where the (cinder)- ell-a you. wisdom (1) and wisdom (2) wisdom (3) ethnic figure heads about light and dark. And what adornment for you.
Such an eclectic and quirky book! Highly recommended.

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    1. Hi Priscilla. My replies seem to have been sent off to WP limbo, so just popping back to say thank you.

      There was something very special about the interaction these objects had with me that I’ll always treasure.

  1. Hi Marje.

    Not sure what has happened, but it seems my replies and responses to comments have mostly disappeared. Do you know what has happened? I can go back over and thank people again if needed.

    1. Hi Frank. That’s odd, WP hasn’t been too reliable of late. I’m on my way to work so could you pop them in again. If it keeps on happening will have to message the WP engineers.

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