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On her first visit to her parent’s new home in Derbyshire, Beth Watson hears the whispered call coming from the old ruined mansion next door. Captivated by Roseby Hall, and disillusioned with her job and her unfaithful fiancé, she leaves her life in London to make a new life – and, rediscovering her talent for art, embarks upon a new venture as an artist of note and partner in the new craft shop in the village. Soon, she has two men in her life – Rick, the attractive twin brother of Beth’s new friend Rachel, and the other a devastatingly handsome Earl. One is puzzling – and the other is a ghost. Beth finds herself struggling to understand her feelings for them both and dealing with the confusion within. But someone in the village knows that Beth is now caught up in a race against time, which could end with her untimely death, and there’s only one person who can prevent it.

The Ghosts of Roseby Hall by Jeanette Taylor Ford

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Thank you to the author for a copy. Review given freely and all opinions are my own.

The Ghosts of Roseby Hall. An enjoyable paranormal ghost mystery. The author has a pleasing voice and the story left me with a feel good feeling.

The ghostly drama and romance suspense is a little slow to develop but this leaves time for the characters, setting and plot to develop.

And the story is wrapped up well. There is a short section at the end explaining the inspiration for the story: a mansion in Sutton Scarsdale built by the 4th Earl of Scarsdale which is interesting, giving this an appealing, personal touch. I like stories which are inspired by actual places, etc.

Overall, this is a nice uncomplicated story of ancestral lives and family secrets, focusing on a haunted house, Roseby Hall, with the threat of ghostly menace portrayed without being frightening, or disturbing to the reader.

So a gentle, mysterious family tale of loved ones lost with romantic feel good elements.

4 stars.

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