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Some great reads in the indie community and some great folks whose writing and community spirit I can heartily recommend to you.

I have shared this blog post to support my fellow indie authors. It’s a thank you to community members some of whom beta read my books, read and review, promote and support me. I appreciate you all. It includes books from Sally Cronin, D G Kaye, Colleen Chesebro, Adele Marie Park, Roberta Cheadle, Richard Dee, D L Finn, S C Skillman Darlene Foster, Helen Pryke, Ritu Bhathal, Chantelle Atkins, Sim Alec Sansford, Heena Rathore Pardeshi, D Wallace Peach, Sarah Northwood, Lizzie Chantree, Kim Rigby and new discoveries Jina S. Bazzar and Rosemary Mairs.

Of course, there are many others, so this is just a small snapshot of all the wonderful authors out there.

Chantelle Atkins & Sim Alec Sansford – Project Pandora: One word sums this author collaboration up exciting!

Highly entertaining novel from two authors I really admire. What a page turner! Loved it.

This is full of supernatural excitement, teen emotion, (loved the relationship vibes between J J and Darcie,) and magical powers Buy Link:

Richard Dee – We are Saul. Every time I read a new story from Richard Dee I am always struck by his ability to create wonderful new story lines, worlds and characters. We Are Saul is brilliant. Do read it! This tale has love, heart, thoughtful observations and sci fi too!

We Are Saul is a thoroughly entertaining read from start to finish. What a fabulous concept for a story. I absolutely loved how this explored fascinating medical technological advancement in the form of robotic ‘humans.’ The main protagonist Saul has a terrible accident leaving him paralysed but is given the chance to live fully again by becoming an ARP – a robotic enhanced version of himself – using cutting edge technology.

Buy Link:

Colleen Chesebro – Fairies, Myths & Magic II – A wonderful celebration of the winter solstice. I’m on the blog tour for this celebratory book by this wonderful author on the 14th December! It is currently in the promotion phase. Buy a copy. It is fab.

Buy Link:

I really enjoyed reading the 2nd book in Fairies, Myth and Magic series. It’s a wonderful celebration of the winter solstice, with a fabulous mix of stories, flash fiction and poetry.

Colleen is a huge supporter of the poetic, and writing community. Recently, she started up her own formatting and cover design business. Her portfolio of work can be seen here, (including the cover for my poetry books The Hedge Witch & The Musical Poet and Do What You Love.)

Sally Cronin is a wonderful supporter of the indie community. But… doesn’t have time to promote her own books as she is always promoting other peoples’ books. So...

Life Is Like A Mosaic.. Eclectic Poems, some wise, some amusing, some darn cute!

I’m a big fan of poetry in all its forms, so this book of eclectic poems from Sally Cronin really appealed to me. There are a wide variety, some wise, some amusing, some thoughtful, some just darn well cute. They are all beautiful presented with accompanying photographs taken from various sources.

Buy Link:

Sally Cronin‘s latest Variety Is The Spice of Life is a Smorgasbord of life, love and the world in which we live!

This is a beautiful collection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories about life, love, getting older, experiencing and cherishing the world and all its magnificent inhabitants: birds, cats, bees, and much more!

Buy Link:

D G Kaye (Debby Gies. Have Bags Will Travel: This is such a hoot, what a laugh! Debby writes memoir, travel stories

Have Bags Will Travel is such an entertaining read which gives you an insight into D G Kaye’s character, her shopping obsession, packing troubles, germaphobia, and brushes with airport security. Enjoy her recollections on the glamour and glitz, her love to travel and a nostalgic aspect to it all

Buy Link:

Debby has a new book coming soon, cover design by Colleen Chesebro, more about the new book here:

Now released:

Roberta Cheadle is a wonderful community member, author and dedicated book reviewer.

A Ghost And His Gold. What an ambitious book! A Ghost and His Gold combines two genres: Paranormal and Historical Fiction and delivers on both counts.

The story is imaginative, moving, educational and written with exceptional flair. Hats off to Roberta Cheadle, she has done a fabulous job.

Buy Link:

D L Finn – A Voice In The Silence – A mysterious novel with heart. I can recommend several books from Denise. She writes in a variety of genres including her poetry and short stories all of which I relate to and enjoy. It seems we have a lot in common including a love of trees!

A Voice In The Silence is recommended if you love novels with heart that are a little different from the mainstream. Good characters, ( both human and otherwise ) and pacing make it a pleasing, at times suspenseful and ultimately romantic read.

Buy Link:

Darlene Foster – Amanda In France – What a clever way to introduce youngsters to different cultures. I’ve read several adventures and enjoyed them all! I love to travel and spread the word about cultural adventures.

Darlene Foster’s entertaining style draws the reader in and keeps their attention throughout. In this latest adventure, Amanda in France, we are treated to the wonders of Paris with mention of many famous places.

Buy Link:

Adele Marie Park – Adele and I go back a long way, both of us like writing horror as well as fantasy! Her fantasy writing is original, atmospheric and different.

An atmospheric story demonstrating the writing talent of Adele Marie Park. If you enjoy supernatural coming of age stories with elemental magic, witches, family secrets, gateways, portals between worlds, nightmares and dark demons this is for you.

Buy Link:

A new author to me Jina S. Bazaar. Shadow Walker is vivid, exciting, imaginative.

I loved the characterisation in this story, the mention of all sorts of magic abilities, the powerful houses, Melaina’s disguises, her roller skating and physical exertions even with an injured ankle! And her obvious love and devotion to her family, plus the lovely touches of humour and vivid descriptive scenes.

Buy Link

Marriage Unarranged by Ritu Bhathal – An engaging cultural romance with more to come in book 2! I can’t wait!

More about that here:

Everything about this engaging romance, (Marriage Unarranged,) appealed to me: the characters, the cultural aspects, the little touches of humour, the Asian family dynamics, the beautiful and informative descriptions of India, (I’ve never been, but it has always been forever on my bucket list,) This story transported me there, and I especially loved the detail in the Gurdwara scenes in which Sikh’s come together to worship and share simple community tasks. Oh, how I would love to visit!

Buy Link:

Fellow fantasy author, and supporter of the community Diana Peach. Her latest book is one of my favourites: The Necromancer’s Daughter. I loved it from start to finish. There is conflict, uncertainty and excitement, heartfelt scenes, and tender moments in this story.

What a beautifully written fantasy book. Stunning prose, engaging characters and a simple but effective plot weave a rich tale of the love of a daughter for her father, and the concerns and morality of awakening the dead.

Buy Link:

Right Beside You from Helen Pryke is part of the Maggie Turner Suspense series. I’ve enjoyed reading more thrillers of late. A gripping read. I’ve read book 1 and book 2 and can recommend both.

It’s a gripping read! One which kept me reading and intrigued to find out what happened next. It’s somewhat gruesomely revengeful in bits but this is beautifully counterbalanced by the love that investigated journalist Maggie and policewoman Sally share.

Buy Link:

Helen has a fantastic FB club.

Sarah Northwood is a talented lady: artistic, a poet and author. I’ve enjoyed her poetry in Poetry of The Heart and Soul and in Bi The Way she shares her own experience with her daughter to promote tolerance and understanding of LGBT.

The main aim of the book is to promote understanding, tolerance and to lessen psychological damage by non-acceptance from parents/friends/community. A worthy aim, which I am happy to support too.

Buy Link: .

Fishnets in The far East by Michele E. Northwood – My eldest daughter spent a year in South Korea Teaching English As a Foreign Language so I was curious to pick up this memoir of the author’s experiences. I am glad that I did. It was so funny! Lighthearted and fun. 

Follow their (the young dancing troupe’s) crazy madcap adventures: the motorbike episode, strip bars, dancing disco spots, unsalubrious dives, food, (and the desire to eat!) kim chi, hooker hill, and details of the national drink – soju (which is lethal.)The poor dancers experiences are absolutely horrendous with death threats, misognistic behaviour, danger, rats (furry and not.) 

Buy Link:

Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire by S C Skillman – Authors, writers, tale hunters, and those keen to discover more about Warwickshire would love this. S C Skillman is a talented author, and a lovely community member who also writes supernatural and fantasy tales which I recommend.

Illustrated Tales of Warwickshire is a wonderfully informative, interesting and beautifully illustrated book of tales of Warwickshire. Some of the images within are the author’s own photography. And I learnt a thing or two! Readers who enjoy strange, supernatural, historical and quirky tales will enjoy this book immensely. It is evident that the author S. C. Skillman loves her home in which she has lived for over 20 years.

Buy Link:

I’d also like to recommend Mystical Circles which I have read and reviewed and you can download in eBook.

Mystical Circles by S.C. Skillman is a thoughtful mystical novel which explores relationships between men and women in an unusual cult community.

Its strength lies in the depiction of a whole host of characters who are all strange to a degree. It is a difficult book to review without including massive spoilers so I will say just this, the revelations at the end of the book took me by surprise and also seemed quite forced. But, having thought about it deeply I realise that the author was most probably illustrating that life can be confusing and changeable and partnerships are driven by more than passion. With two choices do we decide to take the safe, or the more dangerous path? Or, is the decision taken away from us? A recommended read which I enjoyed. This is part of a series, book 2 is A Passionate Spirit.

I have read several books by Lizzie Chantree and have more on my radar! I would really recommend Lizzie to you for feel good romance stories.

The Woman Who Felt Invisible captured my attention right from the beginning with a great opening chapter which immediately hooks. The premise about older women feeling invisible is such a perceptive idea and Lizzie Chantree has explored this with touching humour, attention to detail and great characters. I loved all the funny details, the hot house, the dogs, the internet sensation! Jen’s fake smile and how she looked down her nose at the other women..

Buy Link:

Lizzie has an awesome book group on Facebook:

Heena Rahmore Pardesi. The loveliest of book enthusiasts, cat person,author interviewer/youtuber/podcaster and amazing editor. I know because she helped edit Golden Healer book 2 in The Curse of Time series.

Deceived is an engaging psychological page turner. The ending will stay with me for a long time. An excellent debut by Heena Rathore Pardesi. Just what you would expect from a book blogger who loves to read and studies the craft of writing extensively. Buy Link:

Kim Rigby writes awesome adventure fantasy books for kids that I can recommend.

The Black Fire Chronicles Origins was a fun middle grade adventure read for a younger audience. I enjoyed it and particularly liked the growth in the main character Andrew and the close relationship with his talking dog Ralph. Who is super funny and cute.  There is something very engaging about books with talking animals in them.

Buy Link:

Another New Author to me, talented short story writer – Rosemary Mairs – A Recycled Marriage.

This is my first read by this author and I was impressed by this short story collection which shows great variety, imagination and flair. I’m not surprised to discover that three of the included stories are award winning.

Buy Link:

That’s it for now, I hope you find some new reads and authors to enjoy!

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  1. A wonderful line up of books, reviews, and authors! Congratulations to them all. I’ve read many of these and will be sure to check out the ones new to me. Thanks for sharing, Marje 💕🙂

  2. What a wonderful collection of talented writers with their great books! I’ve enjoyed several of your selections, and I’m currently reading a couple. Now to add the others to my kindle! Thank you, Marje, for sharing and adding light to the day. 🌞

      1. What a great post, Marje! Thank you for including me in such a great list of authors 🙂 I’ve read a few of these books and agree they are wonderful. I found a few to add to my reading list too! I love the video too. Thank you for doing that. Hugs xo

  3. Thank you so much Marje, for mentioning Amanda’s adventure in France!. How kind of you to put this together. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

  4. Thank you for mentioning me here Marje! I enjoyed looking through your reviews and choosing the most intriguing which I will download now. Sadly my Illustrated Tales is not out as an ebook but the paperback is available. All my other books are available as ebooks.

    1. Ah, just found your comment in my spam, Sheila. Awesome, thanks for checking out the reviews. And for your information about Illustrated Tales will add to the post. Have also added details of Mystical Circles and a graphic. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much Marje for putting together this lovely thank you post. I’m thrilled to be included. And what a team you put together! Congrats to all these talented writers. Hugs <3

  6. Quite the selection, Marje. Congratulations to all the authors, and I must get to read the ones I haven’t got to yet. Happy Christmas!

  7. Loved this wrap up post, Marje. What a great list of books, many of which I’ve read, and some new ones to add to the list. Thanks so much for including The Necromancer’s Daughter in the bunch. Have a wonderful holiday season and wonderful 2023 of books.

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