One Lovely Blog Award Thank You!!!!


A Big Thank You to Charley from Books and Bakes 1 for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Congratulations on the award Charley. Do take a look at her lovely blog which is all about her love of: “books, baking, theatre, visiting places, home. books and baking,”

This time I’m going to do a Thank You post rather than participating in the award, because:

  •  I’ve been nominated for this award before !! I thought it was twice but I checked and found it was four times, including Charley’s nomination!!
  • I’m taking part in the Red Eye Readathon on Goodreads for the month of October, so I will be very busy doing bookish posts. So more on that to come, stay tuned! My theme is going to be Halloween, so there will be predominantly spooky posts on Kyrosmagica to get in the mood…… for a bit of ghoulish, scary fun, Kyrosmagica style….

So thanks Charley I really appreciate all these awards so much. Look you’re making me blush. Oh, and you have nominated some wonderful blogs which I’m now following!!! So thanks for introducing those blogs to me too.

Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx


One Lovely Blog Award – Thank You!!!!



I am honoured to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you author Susanne Leist for nominating me.  “Author of the Dead Game – a Paranormal Fantasy, A Vampire Suspense.” She has a lovely blog so I’d recommend you go check it out:

Amazingly I have been nominated for this award three times! So touched.

To accept this award, the nominees have to follow a few rules:

* Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
* Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
* Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.
* Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform nominees by commenting on their blog.

7 facts/things about myself:

1) I am a terrible procrastinator. This extends to every possible decision making process in my life. Will I, or will I not, have a baked potato for lunch?  Ok, I’m hungry so that crept into this 7 things about me. Getting published, what a minefield for a confirmed procrastinator. There are too many ways: unsolicited, agents, self-publishing, ugh. Can’t we just simplify this? Just read my book and like it, job done!

2. I love the arts, films, and theatre. Secretly I think I would like to be an extra in a block-buster film or even have a tiny part!

3. I am kind but I also have a bit of a cheeky, wicked side. I’m a good witch! Black cats seem to be attracted to me!

4. I love Chinese food, and anything spicy. I’ll fight for that last dim sum, or curry puff! So, dive in!

5. Books excite me. Writing excites me. Talking about Books excites me. Talking about Writing excites me!

6. I tend to make friends with people from a variety of cultures. Currently I have a Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, as well as English and Scottish friends too! And that’s just in Cambridge. I’ve “chatted” to so many people from different countries whilst blogging. Love this cultural mix of bloggers.

7. My nose goes red and my eyes go funny looking if I’m stressed. Well, this is what my youngest told me! No hiding it.  I guess. Also I tend to talk less, while some people can’t shut up when they’re under pressure. Sorry, mum! At least I don’t twitch or tremble that would be even more embarrassing.

My nominees:

Just fifteen nominees how will I manage that? There are so many wonderful blogs out there. I’m bound to leave out someone. Yikes. To keep it simple I’m concentrating on review/writing sites, art, health, and inspiring blogs.

Here goes:

These are all so wonderful just love them all.

Heena Rathore. P: “I’m a 23 year old curious soul. I live in Pune, Maharashtra, India.” “Besides reading I love writing, singing, baking, watching random movies, cartoons, sleeping, etc. I love dancing more than anything and my  dream to learn all forms of dance.”

Christy Birmingham: “This site is a haven for you to gain insights through poetry about love, connection, endurance, inspiration, health and more. You are welcome to the poetry table and we also serve up flash fiction, short stories and book-related posts.” Freelance writer and author based in B.C. Canada. The name of her site is just about as perfectly poetic as you can get:

Jade St Clair:“My name is Jade St Clair and I am an unashamed Scatterbooker. I live in Melbourne with my geeky boyfriend and our crazy black and white cat called Zeus and I am currently at uni studying internet communications.”

Val Boyko: “Life is a series of highs and lows. Be grateful for the highs. Be graceful in the lows. Enjoy life fully and find contentment in your Middle Ground.”

Ali Isaac: Just started following Ali. Her blog looks awesome. “I write for many reasons… to tell a story, of course. Every writer has their own story to tell. I write to challenge my reader’s perceptions, because sometimes, things are not at all how they appear. I write to educate, because my life has taught me things no one else knows, and its my duty to share. I write for sheer pleasure, but mostly, I write to be read.”

Deneé: This young lady is a Goodreads Librarian no less! How do you even reach those giddy heights? This is her introduction to her blog: “Hello! My name is Deneé, I’m 25, an Interior Design graduate, and I blog about writing, authors  and books.”

Sherri S. Bessi: A treasure of a site to celebrate how precious life is. “These letters are written to remind you just how much you matter, just how important you are, and just how beautiful the gift of life as a human is.”

Stephanie: “I  have great plans to write an amazing book. Unfortunately, when it comes down to actually doing it, I totally lack inspiration (not to mention the hundred other things that need to be done get it published). So, instead, I read. I read a lot. I read YA, Romance, Mystery, Crime, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction. Almost everything – the good, the bad, and the in between.”

Nicholas Rossis: Great blog full of advice for would be authors. Here’s a short snippet of Nicholas’s About page: “I was born in 1970 in Athens, Greece.  I love books and write fantasy, children’s books and science fiction

Sig Nordal Jr:  “Be the best you can be.” Great advice! Inspiring photos, quotes and much more. He has so many amazing photos of libraries on his blog! 

Claire McAlpine: ” I love words, language, sentences, metaphors, stories long and short, poetry, reading and writing. Reading is a journey, a meeting place, something to enjoy in solitude and to share with friends.”

Sally Georgina Cronin: “Health, music and words for a great life.” “I  am one of those people who has led an eclectic life. My father was in the Royal Navy so we lived abroad several times and I only really settled down in the UK at age 14. My education suffered a little from switching between seven schools in different countries but I now have a repertoire of swear words second to none!”

Naomi Frisby:  “I review books written by women – old and new, literary and commercial, fiction and non-fiction with the occasional YA title.” 

 Esther Newton: “My love affair with writing came about as a result of an accident, when I could no longer carry out my job working in a bank. That accident was the best thing that’s happened to me!

Nicole E. Perkins: This is a stunningly beautiful artist blog: “Oklahoma’s Unknown Artist: NE.Perkins”


One Lovely Blog Award Thank You


Thank you so much to Elsie Elmore for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog award. It was such a surprise to be nominated for this award twice, especially as I’m quite new to the blogging community.   I’m thrilled that she enjoyed my blog and deemed it worthy of the award. I shall be checking out her list of nominees, I’m sure there will be several on there that I will want to follow. I was originally nominated for this award by Marie Abanga,, after I returned home from the YALC Lit Con in Earl’s Court London, this July.

After being awarded this blog award twice I realised that the links to my awards weren’t working properly, so thanks Elsie, you prompted me to check them!  I have just started to update my categories section so now you should be able to click the Award category and see my awards.

Here’s a link to Elsie Elmore’s blog about the award:

Many congratulations Elsie, your blog is awesome. I particularly love your section on Writer’s Resources and I shall be adding you to my list of Writerly Resources that I update from time to time. Here’s Elsie’s link

It’s great to connect and support fellow bloggers,  hope you like the unusual picture! I found it on Pixabay, quite by chance, and I glad I did. These Supertrees of Singapore are weird and wonderful enormous structures.  Apologies for going off topic a bit Elsie but these trees are just so awesome that I thought I would add them to the end of this One Lovely Blog Award post. Singapore, the land of my birth, has the biggest per person carbon footprint per person in the Asia Pacific area, and it is hoped that the Supertrees will raise awareness of the environment.  Singapore aims to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 10% by the year 2020. More details via this link. The photos are incredible, so click the link to see more:





My First Award: The One Lovely Blog Award



I had a nice surprise when I returned from the UK’s first ever YA Lit Con, curated by Malorie Blackman, held  at  the London Film and Comic Con, 12-13 July 2014, in Earl’s Court in London.  I have been nominated for my first blogging award, the One Lovely Blog Award by Marie Abanga, Thanks Marie for thinking of me, and nominating me for this award, such a delight for a new girl on the block to blogging. 🙂

The rules for this award are the following:

1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post

2. Share seven things about yourself

3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire

4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

Well here are my seven things about myself that I am prepared to tell you. I tend to be quite secretive but I will tell you this much:

1. I’m a Scorpio. I have a sting in my tail. My sting doesn’t manifest itself much but when it does you may say ouch! Only kidding,    I’m a gentle Scorpio, with a passionate nature!

2. In the Chinese zodiac I am a rabbit. I hop about everywhere, graze, and like the good life. Sounds like me!

3.  I am a female Peter Pan, I have no intention of ever really growing up. That’s why I am attracted to writing children’s, middle grade, and YA novels.

4. I went to a private school in Edinburgh. It wasn’t quite Hogwarts, but it was quite posh. I don’t own a broomstick but black cats seem to like me.

5. I love the underwater world, I snorkelled and  swam with a Barracuda when I was fourteen, luckily it didn’t attack.  I have eaten Barracuda but that is another story!

6. I admire daredevils: skiers, rock climbers, extreme sports enthusiasts but am a complete coward myself. When I write I can be whoever I want to be, it is such a fun ride, the ultimate buzz, the hero possibilities are endless.

7. My best accomplishment to date are my wonderful children, you make me so very proud. 🙂

I struggled to pick just fifteen blogs to nominate.  I had so many awesome blogs in mind but have managed to narrow it down. They all are so deserving of the One Lovely Blog title and I hope they would like to accept the award.

I would be my great pleasure to nominate the following super, lovely blogs for this award:

The Paper Butterfly,  a delicate dancer with health issues who has had to hand in her ballet slippers but has now turned her creative spirit to writing.

D.Dominik Wicklesromance, for your romantic take on spicing up our love lives with a touch of oriental wisdom.

Marcia Meara for  Bookin’ it , author interviews, and book reviews.

Eclectic Alli for her bit of this, and that, and her meandering dreamy thoughts.

Paul Militaru for his wonderful photography,

Ekaterina Botziaou, for her entertaining blog on everything Greek

Bonnie for her cheery lovely blog which truly deserves the title bonnie.

Traditionally Modern Food for all those wonderful Indian recipes that I drool over.

Word Musing, a beautiful blog all about words, poetry and short stories.

Victoria Davenport of Coffee, Write, Repeat. A budding YA writer, with a fantastic blog, whose tag line writing life one word at a time is memorable and to the point.

Globe Drifting, this wonderful world of ours  encapsulated in a blog! You must visit.

Therapy Bread,  not just a blog about bread these edible creations feed the spirit, body, her friends and family too!

Wise Monkeys Abroad, a wonderful world playground to explore

Irenedesign 2011 for her wonderful gemstone jewellery. I had  to add this one as I’m  as a bit of a jewellery addict!

and last but not least, Lucy Powrie’s Queen of Contemporary  YA Book blog that I have just discovered. Excellente!


#TheBloggersBash 2017 – My 3rd time!!

On Saturday 10th June I caught the train to London in the early hours of the morning and travelled to the much-anticipated Bloggers Bash.


I bought a new dress, jewellery and even did my nails….


In typical Marje fashion I did some nutty things on route, starting with trying to get through the barriers with an invalid, outdated ticket. This gave me a mini case of palpitations until I realised that I had the correct ticket in my wallet! Thereafter, I had a sneaky feeling that something else would happen and it did. I jumped on the tube at St Pancras without checking what I was doing. Of course, this meant that I was now headed in the opposite direction to the way I should have been going, so I jumped off, gave myself a stern talking to and sorted myself out!

Phew…. thereafter it was easy peasy. Blogging pal, committee member Geoff’s instructions were great … Though, I didn’t hear any giggles to follow, so that was a bear faced, or in Geoff’s case, a pink beard face lie! Miraculously, I arrived at the hotel with time to spare.

Thereafter, it was a blast. So many faces, both new and not so new. Bloggers from far away, bloggers from London, bloggers from just about every neck of the woods. Have bloggers will travel.

It was fantastic, my third event. Here’s my impressions of the First,  and Second Bloggers Bash.

A big thank you to the committee for organising this labour of love: SachaGeoff , Ali  and Hugh.

I failed miserably at taking photos during the event – Bloggers Bashes do that to me – obviously I struggle to talk and take photos, but there are loads of photos on Facebook on the #bloggersbash page: Facebook: Bloggers Bash & ABBA Awards.

But I did take this one of Sherri, Sally, and Mary.

Can you believe it? Three years of bashes!  This year’s bash felt grown up. It occurs to me that, in retrospect, the first bloggers bash reminded me of those first baby blogger steps into the unknown,  the second bash involved toddling off confidently and now we’re all grown up and have progressed to an International Bloggers event! Very posh.

So, who knows what the fourth bash will bring? Exciting times ahead. I just hope they get proper name badges next time rather than those sticky labels that refuse to stick to your dress and travel up your arm, waltz around your skin and end up being worn as a bracelet.

If you haven’t been to a bash before and would like to come, here are several reasons why I think you should:

  1. You will learn a huge amount. At this event there were discussions about social media, Pinterest, and many blogging tips from the panel of experts: SuzieElena and Christoph.
  2. It’s fun.
  3. You’ll meet loads of like-minded people.
  4. It’s a great opportunity to network with other writers and authors.
  5. We are all introverts so we know what it’s like to come to your first event.
  6. You’ll feel welcome. Everyone is very friendly.
  7. There are cakes, (this has to be a good thing,) biscuits, tea and coffee,  and alcohol too!
  8. You will find that there are hugs a plenty, from huggable Hugh who is our resident king of the hugs,  but newsflash – Hugh may have competition. Our inspiring Shelley is huge on hugs. She gave me a real bear hug as I was leaving – it took my breath away.

After the talks and discussions I rewarded myself with a great big carrot cake cupcake  – just one of Ritu’s delicious recipes which she brought along. It melted in my mouth – so delicious. I had a ‘wee’ drink but not too much, as I had a sneaky feeling that getting home inebriated would be a bad idea for someone who can’t even find their way whilst sober!

The lovely Ritu, and Willow accompanied me from the venue, until sadly we drifted off our separate ways home. I ended up on the slow train to Cambridge which stopped at every bl***dy stop. This meant that I had to walk about a mile to my bus stop from the train station in my (for me,) high heels, to catch the last bus to the back water I call home. Yes, our sad little village has a last bus home at 8.40pm, thereafter you have to wait until 10pm for the next one!

Guess who I saw on my way home ? My youngest riding towards me on her bike. So I asked her where she was going. Bad idea, I should have run, but in those heels, I had no chance. She had forgotten her keys so I ended up going back home with her and taking her out in my car. What a sucker, such a soft-hearted mother, that’s me. Luckily, I had only had one drink, so could drive!

The story doesn’t end there…

No, there were chips, and a very dodgy scampi supper to consume. I wish I hadn’t. The scampi oozed milky liquid which really didn’t look edible. Still, I survived, I have a tough old stomach that can consume such dubious delicacies with no ill effects.

And… In the short while I was away… a mere day, my hubby decided it would be a good idea to let my daughter have her first driving lesson. He let her reverse his car out of our very tricky driveway. Whatever possessed him? So, wonder of wonders she had a bit of an accident. He said ‘crashed,’ but I checked the damage and luckily it is a mere scratch! It could have been a lot worse!

So the moral of the story? Next time, I will be staying over in London so no one can find me, or assault my stomach with a chip supper or request that I lift them anywhere in my car, even if it means that my hubby does something crazy!

Ha ha!

Sorry for that waffle, un-bloggers bash yarn. I thought it was funny and hoped you might do too!

Who did I chat to? Loads of folk…  methinks they were… perhaps…

Ritu, Graeme, Noelle, Sherrie, Helen, Mary, Eloise, Jools, Steve, SueEllen, Lance, Sally, Suzie, Icy, Matt, Susie, Adam, Ruth,  Shelley, Jessica, Willow, Christoph Allie,  Jo  and the committee of course!  If I’ve left anyone off, just give me a stern telling off next time you see me.

It was such a shame that Esther couldn’t make it this year as she was moving house that very day and of course there were many others who would have loved to have come but couldn’t join in the fun. They were sorely missed too.

But there is always another year, another opportunity.

The date has been set for next year’s bash so don’t forget to put it in your diary:

9th June 2018. It sounds a long way off but don’t believe it, before you know it I’ll be on a tube going the wrong way again.

Bye for now, much love,



My social media hang outs:
My New Facebook club : Authors/Bloggers Rainbow Support Club

Twitter: @marjorie_mallon












The Bash Rebranded, #MondayBlogs

 The following is Sacha Black’s post and my attempt at a reblog: 



I can’t quite believe it, but the bash is nearly three years old. *Weeps with pride*

Each year it continues to grow in size which means what we do needs to grow in size too.

Sure, it’s a big blog social, but that doesn’t mean we don’t take it seriously. What started out as one nosy blogger more desperate to meet the friends she’d made online than stay safe and introverted behind the screen, is slowly turning a beast.

One day, I hope, the BASH will be a huge blogging festival. I can dream, right? Besides, I brainwashed the minions into obedience before they knew what they were signing up to and I have plans to recruit more. SHHH, they’ll never know.

So this year, we decided to overhaul the Bash, logos and all. The lovely George Grey, used by both Geoff and Hugh for their cover designs, has upped the BASH anti and given us a much slicker look.

Ladies and gents, the new bash logo…

If you haven’t bought your ticket for the biggest blog social of the year, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE? Go, buy it, now… (from here).

We’re running a blog competition too if you want to win a tonne of prizes, like a critique, beta read and book trailer, then check it out here, the competition closes on the 1st of March.

Stay tuned, because we will be releasing the new BASH awards for 2017 next month, we will then be open for nominations in April and then folks… voting will open in May. CAN YOU FREAKING BELIEVE IT? We’re only two and a half months from voting! *gulp*

Great news from Sacha Black about the Bash… can’t wait to join in the fun.

To pop over to Sacha’s blog and see the original post follow this link:

The Bloggers Bash Competition: C-o-n-n-e-c-t-i-o-n-s



I believe it all began when I moved to Cambridge from Scotland.

Shortly after our marriage, my husband and I made the rash decision to live out in ‘the sticks,’ in a sleepy Cambridgeshire village called Chatteris. What an enormous culture shock for an Edinburgh city girl like me – I felt isolated and pretty miserable.

Perhaps I would never have started writing if it wasn’t for this and later sadness’s in my life.  In time we moved to the suburbs of Cambridge, within easy reach of the city centre. I made new friends but missed the loving support of my extended family. My husband worked long hours, but I knew that he longed to Do What He Loved – ski on a mountain or be in a rock band! Financial responsibilities meant that his personal dreams languished. Inadvertently, this sacrifice triggered my idea for The Curse of Time – The Bloodstone,  my WIP – which is currently being edited by my lovely friend –  Colleen Chesebro – Author of The Heart Stone Chronicles – The Swamp Fairy

As my  daughters grew older I developed an interest in alternative therapies and worked as an Aromatherapist/Reflexologist. During this time I discovered an interest in crystals. This beautiful Malachite captured my attention, demanding to be my first crystal purchase.


The Malachite definitely sparked my creativity, and helped alleviate my shyness! My urge to write developed in a whirlwind of reading, and imagination. I woke up with ideas and jotted them in a notebook.  This manic phase coincided with the arrival of a strange black cat who demanded my attention. He became my muse.  Was he a stray? Or perhaps  a witch’s cat? Sadly, he disappeared without a trace. I had an odd idea (to find a black cat model,) and my blogging friend Gary Jefferies: Fiction Is Food  introduced me to Samantha Murdoch – the proud owner of Lily.

Astonishingly Lily bears a remarkable resemblance to the black cat in my book, Shadow.




Guess what? Samantha loves crystals too! Bloodstone, (photographed below by her son,) plays a central part in my book – another extraordinary coincidence!


Photo credit for above three photos: Alex Marlowe, Samantha Murdoch’s son.

All these incredible connections have fuelled my desire to write. I am so lucky to have many inspiring writers, bloggers, and creative individuals who I call friends. Astounded by their support and encouragement my confidence has soared. I’ve participated in short stories prompts, poetry, photography challenges, and weekend coffee shares…  In August 2015 I did the unthinkable – I shrugged off my shy persona and attended My First Bloggers Bash

In part, this is thanks to the power of my Malachite crystal!  I can’t wait to attend the next bash in June, and see some of my blogging friends, (unfortunately not all can attend,) and new ‘faces,’ too.

Life is devoid of meaning without ‘real’ positive relationships, connections that matter. I believe that if you give of your best, you will receive the best back. I have a passion for the arts, and I will continue to promote bloggers, writers, and creative individuals who I count as my dear friends. I love supporting authors by writing book reviews:  My Wise Old Owl A – Z Book Reviews, and offer  Blogger/Author Spotlights. One recent example is: Sue Vincent and Stuart France




Always Do What You Love,

Stay True To Your Hearts Desires,

Remain Young At Heart,

And Inspire Others To Do So Too,

Even If It Appears The Odds,

Are Stacked Against You,

Like Black-Hearted Shadows.


A Writing Award To Give Yourself: Do What You Love

Hence the name of my blog: Kyrosmagica – Crystal Magic.

The Bloggers Bash Competition – Sacha Black





Kyrosmagica is Now Award Free


Hi All,

Just a quick little post here about Awards. I meant to do an Award Free post ages ago, in fact I thought I’d done it. Perhaps my memory is going? I think I got as far as doing a Bitstrips cartoon, I found this in my picture files. So time to get to it before anyone else nominates me for an award, (particularly if said person is a good friend.) I really do appreciate it so much but due to time constraints I just feel it’s time to step back from these type of awards for now.

In the past I have been blessed with the following awards:

One Lovely Blog Award, Real Neat Blog Award, Premio Dardos Award, Liebster Award,  The Creative Blogger Award, Wonderful Team Member Readership Award, Sunshine Bloggers Award, Blogger Recognition Award, The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award, The Versatile Blogger Award. I think that’s the ones I’ve had… Oh, I nearly forgot there was also an Encouraging Thunder Award, I can still hear the thunder claps….

Here’s the link to all my awards if you’d like to have a gander:

My Awards

My very first award is of course very dear to me, a bit like your first baby!

I remember it well, it was The One Lovely Blog Award which was delivered to me on the 14th of July 2014:

My First Award:  The One Lovely Blog Award

Plus I had fun doing The Girl Love Blog Challenge:

The Girl Love Blog Challenge

I will still be doing the odd challenge, time permitting..

I will be adding names of bloggers who have nominated me recently for awards. My way of saying a big Thank You for thinking of me….

Thank you :

Annika Perry – Annika nominated me for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much Annika for nominating me. She is on a similar writing journey, and we chat about blogging, writing, and books. Definitely one of my favourite blogs to follow, I count her as one of my special blogging friends.

– Annika Perry

Amalia Pedemonte – Amalia nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you so much Amalia for nominating me. Do check out Amalia’s wonderful blog it truly is a treasure chest of information about Greek Mythology, a subject that fascinates me so much that several Greek Gods and Goddesses have crept their way into my current WIP! Do follow her blog, she’s lovely, a very supportive and friendly blogger.

– Aquileana

Inese M J. Thank you so much to Inese for nominating me for The Creative Blogger Award. This is such a great honour coming from such a wonderful photographer. I urge you to follow Inese’s wonderful blog, she is such a lovely and friendly lady and has the most beautiful photography blog.

Inese M J Photography

Gary Jefferies. A big thank you to Gary for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Such a lovely award to receive. I do highly recommend that you follow Gary’s blog. He writes books, short stories and memoirs and has been known to participate in Kindness challenges. He is a really friendly chap and very supportive:

Gary Jefferies – Fiction Is Food


Bye for now…


Marje @ Kyrosmagica. xx

#Girllove Blog Challenge


Thank you to Janice at On the Land for tagging me in the #Girllove Blog Challenge. You can see her awesome post about this here:

#Girllove challenge, launched by Lilly Singh, a.k.a. Superwoman, on her  YouTube Channel. Lilly Singh is a Canadian vlogger, actress, comedian, and rapper, age 27. She is tired of ‘girl-on-girl hate’ in schools, workplaces, and social media, so she decided to reverse trends by promoting #GirlLove.  In her empowering video  young women speak out  about their respect and gratitude for other women in their lives. Proceeds from video views will go to the Malala Fund to help educate girls around the world. The goal of the fund is to “enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can achieve their potential and be positive change-makers in their families and communities”.

Lilly’s challenge was to compliment other women in social media using the hashtag #GirlLove.  In the blogging world the challenge has become more detailed.

Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove Challenge:

  1. Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis. 
  2. Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  3. Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!

If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!

Janice has a really wonderful blog so if you aren’t currently following her I would really recommend that you rush over there right now and remedy that.

Janice chose some wonderful female bloggers for the #Girllove accolade,so do visit their blogs.

I was so thrilled that she mentioned me! Thank you so much Janice. I think your blog is just wonderful too.

My favourite #Girllove celebrity is Bethany Hamilton who I have mentioned before on my blog. She survived a shark attack, was left with an amputated arm, but overcame this and went on to inspire young people with her amazing surfing skills. Do read about my tribute to her on my #WQW post for Colleen’s Writers Quote Wednesday:

My real life #Girllove person is undoubtedly my mum she is a rock,I have so much love and respect for her.

There is a wonderful list of truly inspiring celebrities on Marie Claire, my favourites are Aung San Suu Kuy, 1991 Nobel prize winner for peace,  Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, Shami Chakrabarti the director of Liberty and Oprah Winfrey.

I don’t normally do tags any more but since it is a while since I’ve done one I decided it would be nice to take part and do a shout out for the fantastic blogging lasses out there, and when I got started I couldn’t stop! My first few names kind of grew to rather a long list, boy the sweat is dripping from my brow.

Here are my #Girllove nominees, I could have gone on and on as there are so many bloggers on WordPress and beyond that I admire and enjoy following, so I broke the rules and went beyond the five nominees. But, I had to limit myself a little so I decided to limit my choices to my favourite pastimes, so there are authors, book bloggers, photographers, artistic and creative bloggers, and jewellery enthusiasts. Oh and a humour choice blogger had to creep in, where would we be without a chuckle?

Here they are in all their glory:

Vashti, an enthusiastic and friendly writer who enjoys taking part in many of the on-line activities that I enjoy too, such as #WQW and Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. She has such a lovely About Me page that by the time you finished reading it you feel as if you know her, and want to give her a big hug.

Lynz, this lady has a flair for real cooking but more that that she has a remarkably painful and captivating story to tell. She has just recently started a new venture on Fridays, doing a shout out to make us aware of other bloggers in the community that she particularly enjoys and likes.

Colleen of Silver Threading is re-creating herself during her retirement, sharing, “stories, dreams, poetry, and good old-fashioned wisdom tempered by humor.” As well as this she is the coordinator of #WQW Writer’s Quote Wednesday, a contributing book reviewer and part of the team  on Lit World Interviews  and Authors Support Authors. Can’t get any better than that! This lady rocks, with a capital R!!

Charley loves many things that are so dear to my heart namely: “books, baking, theatre, visiting places, home.”  Perfect, bliss, such a lovely lass!!

Jade at Scatterbooker is a book reviewer who just loves books of all genres, hence the blog name Scatterbooker. She has a lovely cat called Zeus, and lives in Melbourne, lucky girl! A cat and the beach, I get so jealous of her cat and beach photos on Instagram….

Heena is a lovely lass, a “Writer and Author. Her first book, “Deceived, a psychological thriller, is due to be published in the later half of 2016.” She has two blogs one of which is dedicated to her love of books :
and her book blog:

Galit of Coffee and Notes is another fellow Instagram enthusiast, and a lovely lass,”a writer of Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, YA, Science Fiction as well as a blogger, book reviewer, a declared coffee addict, a gamer and an avid reader.”

Helen is a writer, “When I’m not writing I like to walk, paint, shake my thing at Zumba class and study karate. I have a black belt (helpful when writing fight scenes) and a very nice husband (helpful when writing love scenes)” Blush, blush Helen!! I met the lovely Helen at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015 in London.

Esther is ” a freelance writer, copywriter and writing tutor for The Writers Bureau.” I met her in person at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015 and she is as lovely in person as she is on her blog. There are many resources on her blog for would be authors so do check it out:

Sacha: Is the brain child behind the Annual Bloggers Bash. This lady does so much for the blogging community and works tirelessly whilst holding down a full time job and looking after her young son. So do check out her blog:

Ali : Another star, this lovely lady is also an organiser of the Annual Bloggers Bash. What can I say? It was so lovely to meet Ali in person. Do pop over to her blog to say hi, you won’t regret it, Ali’s blog lives up to its wonderfully storytelling name….

Annika. Writing has been Annika’s passion since childhood. She has a fascinating blog, and is such a friendly,  encouraging lady, a real Swedish gem:

Debby, is a “nonfiction memoir writer who likes to write about life, matters of the heart and women’s issues. Her intent “is to inspire others by sharing my stories about events I encountered, and the lessons that come along with them.” Debby has been a star, often retweeting me on twitter, thanks so much Debby for all your support.

Sally has a truly eclectic blog and does so much to support and encourage other bloggers. Definitely one to follow. :

Val  like myself has Scottish routes, (my father is Scottish and I lived in Edinburgh as a child, and teenager.) Her blog is all about finding your middle ground, and a sense of the importance of balance in life. Being that when I was younger I trained as a holistic therapist and practised for a while, this message is dear to my heart:

Rachael, is the wonderful organiser of writing #Blogbattle that I enjoy participating in from time to time in this blog. She has a lovely About Me page, here is a short snippet that I particularly related to: “Who am I?  Well, I guess I’m just a girl who grew up but isn’t growing old on the inside.  I’m just a stubborn person who refuses to let go of some hopes and goals.  I’m  a faithful woman who desires to speak truth in love. I’m not special to everyone, but I’m worth it to someone.” You’re definitely worth it Rachael, so many times over…

Lucy, at Blonde Write More loves a touch a humour and I do too, she is also a Bloggers Bash girl who I met in August 2015, and this talented lady won the Funniest Blogger Award. As well as this we both like to engage in Writing on Rachael Ritchie’s Blog Battle too.

Ritu, “a working mum of 2, loving  wife, daughter, sister, friend to many… I started this blog to just air views, and reminisce,” I’m all for reminiscing Ritu… especially with a smile…:

Edwina likes to look at the lighter side of life, and I do too, at least most of the time! With delights such as Wacky Word Wednesday, and a shared enthusiasm for haiku too:

Diane is a Romance writer, who “talks to her cat, reads 2-3 books at a time, constantly searches for new vegan recipes and creates her characters. In her spare time, she loves camping and building dollhouses.” Do check out her friendly blog:

Suzie: was at the Bloggers Bash in August 2015, and has an awesome blog, definitely one to follow. She is the face behind the #SundayBlogshare. As well as this she won the Services to Bloggers Award at the Bloggers Bash 2015 and The Most Inspiring Blog Award. Like me she likes to Instagram too. What are you waiting for, pop over to Suzie’s blog for a chit chat….

Sarah of First Night Design shares my love of all things creative. Where would we be without these beauties? ” art, design, theatre,  history, food, cinema and more.”

Inese is an incredible photographer, capturing those moments that mean so much and she is such a very friendly, chatty blogger, a definite delight to follow:

Julia, has a truly sumptuous blog which features her love of the colour red. Take a glimpse at all she has to offer in terms of photography, fashion, yummy food to devour, movies, writing, and quotes:

Irene shares my love of gemstones and jewellery. She lives in sunny Spain. Lucky lady!  Do check out her lovely blog:

All the above bloggers are totally awesome, friendly, lovely, supportive people so do check them out without delay!

I’d also like to mention that guy bloggers are incredible too and I do hope that one of the male bloggers might do a #Guylove post!!! To celebrate all those incredible male bloggers out there who do a fantastic job encouraging, and inspiring others in the blogging community……

Otherwise I’ll have to put on my suit and tie and pretend I’m a guy …. so I can do a shout out…

Any offers Guys??   …. Hurry,  the alternative could be embarrassing!!

Bye for now, much love,



Marje @ Kyrosmagica

Sunshine Bloggers Award


Thank you to Alicia for nominating me for The Sunshine Bloggers Award.

Here’s a link to her awesome blog, do check it out:

I like to spread a little sunshine so this award seems a particularly lovely one for me to receive. So let’s bask in the last rays of an Indian Summer, and enjoy….

Wait a minute, there are rules, in a Sunshine award? Apparently so, so I’ll just put down my Caribbean rum punch for a moment and concentrate on these rules before my eyes go a bit blurry, not to worry there are only three rules:

Rules of the Award:

•Thank the person who nominated you
•Answer the questions from your nominators
•Nominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven new questions to answer

Oh, and don’t lie back on your sun lounger Marje, at least not yet, as there are some questions too!

Here are the questions that I have been asked to answer:

  1.  What is your favorite era for a story to be set in?   If it was a historical novel it would probably be during the Tudor period, I love Henry the Eighth! He was such a devil, can’t beat Henry for doing dreadful things can you? Or WW2 that’s pretty interesting too.
  2. Favorite genre and why?  Favourite genre has to be Fantasy, as I live in a bit of a fantasy world myself I suppose, and of course I write fantasy too, so yes Fantasy has to be my number one choice. But I love most genres, there are very few exceptions.
  3. What is your favorite season and why? Easy, summer without a shadow of a doubt, love the sea, sand and the beach, so summer wins hands down. I can’t stand the winter as I suffer dreadfully in the cold, hate the dark nights and lack of sunlight. I’m sure that I am a bit prone to SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. Yes, I turn into a sad, dreary, energy devoid lump in the winter. I definitely hibernate.
  4. You have to complete a task of epic proportions, what literary sidekick would you bring along? Hermione Granger. That girl is smart, I’d like her on my Sunshine team, oh and Dr.Watson too,
  5. How many countries have you been to in your lifetime? Ah this is difficult as there are quite a few: Malaysia, Papua new Guinea, the Caribbean, Fiji, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, England.
  6. If you could learn one skill with the snap of your fingers, what would it be? To play the piano to the highest standard, I play average piano I’d love to be able to play like a concert pianist. The piano is my favourite instrument, I just love the sound of piano music so much.
  7. What book do you recommend people NOT read? I very rarely read books that I don’t like as I read book reviews, and follow lots of book bloggers so I tend to know what sounds good. Normally I don’t like a book when someone else has bought it for me! A case in point is: E L James. Fifty Shades of Grey, thought it was rubbish. Not that I’m a prude, far from it, I just didn’t rate it at all.
  8. Where would you like to see yourself 5 years from now? Successfully published, and writing some more, oh and growing this blog too, or at least updating it from time to time!
  9. You have to change your hair color for 3 months, and it can’t be the color it is now, what color would it be? I fancy myself as a blonde but I am way too dark for that! So I normally settle for red and blonde streaks to highlight my hair.
  10. If you could spend a year living anywhere in the world, where would it be? I would probably opt for Portugal, love it there. Or Singapore, the city of my birth. I love Asian food so I’d eat several years worth of spicy food in one year, and then come reluctantly come home!
  11. What is a good piece of advice you learned in your first few months of blogging?

Discover who you are through your blogging. This sounds a bit hoity-toity, but believe me it is true. I found out all sorts of things about myself through blogging. Ok, I’m not saying I found a long lost sister, or that I was adopted or anything like that. I would recommend that you focus on what you really enjoy doing and write about it on your blog. That way people reading your blog will feel your boundless enthusiasm rocking its way over the internet to them! But if its golf that you love don’t write a blow by blow account of every single hole played, just highlight the highlights! Write about the humorous aspects, or things that you feel passionate about. Don’t worry about the numbers, who is and isn’t following you, just have fun. Make friends, yes that one is extremely important, find some blogging friends. As far as the practicalities go its a good idea to get a good book out of the library, or buy one to help you set up your blog, this one has been recommended to me: WordPress in Easy Steps, by Darryl Bartlett. 

Right now it’s time to nominate some blogs for this award, I hope these bloggers accept awards, not all do, but if you don’t that’s okay just sip a little rum punch and chill instead. I won’t be offended.

My Nominees For Sunshine Blogger are:

Storyteller, traveler, life devotee, naturalist, ghostwriter, Grandmother, And a fairly good cook.

Letting the light in one frame at the time.  “I am a nature lover who is lucky enough to live in Queensland in one of the most beautiful spots … the Sunshine Coast.”

Between Two Tides. Poems, Pictures and Stories from Entre Deux Mers, France:

Terri blogs about the fun things in life, in particular leisure.

Yen from Malaysia enjoys the simple things in life and blogs about them at At Little Calico’s Journal:

Musings and Memories, Words and Wisdom from Ritu :

Wife, parent, and home school mum sharing advice, experiences, laughter and fellow writing blog battler:

Eclectic and Multilingual blogger with a great love of reading and writing:

Thoughts about home schooling, health and fitness, being an expat, kids and life in general:

Stacey talks books, writing and the journey to publication:

This is really a sunny blog, lots of wonderful photos on here to light up your day:

My Questions:

  1. Have you ever had Christmas in Australia? Or if you haven’t, do you think you would like your Turkey on the beach?
  2. What is your favourite ice cream?
  3. Do you like comic books? Did you have a favourite as a child?
  4. Are there any unusual customs or idiosyncrasies in your family?
  5. Do you ever read in the bath? Or in any other strange places?
  6. If you could have an unusual pet what would it be and why?
  7. Have you ever been snorkelling? Deep sea fishing? Scuba Diving? Sailing? In a Beach volleyball team? Shell collecting? Fishing?…. etc….
  8. Do you have a favourite season or time of the year?
  9. Are you good at keeping secrets? Or are you a bit of a gossip?
  10. What is your favourite book? Genre?
  11. Do you like to collect anything? Or have you done so in the past?

Bye for now. Time to Chill…. Oh, where has the sun gone? That’s okay I’m chillin’ in my Crystal hangout.

Marje @ Kyrosmagica. xx

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