Guest Post by Hugh Roberts – How to Become a Successful Blogger!


Hugh is doing a series of guest posts on Janice’s blog Jemsbooks about blogging – this first one is all about creating a wonderful About Me page. The About Me page is and always should be your friendly welcoming page, and he explains how to achieve a first class About Me page and sustain it to the max in this wonderful post.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Marje. There was a problem with the original post so Janice had to reschedule it. There’s been lots of comments left on the post which don’t show up when clicking on the link you have left. You may want to update the link so that it brings back the new version and then people can read what comments have been left. 🙂

      1. When I click on the link on your blog Marje, it does not show all the comments that have been left. (I can’t see them).
        The link to the new version is below.

        It’s from the new version and shows all the comments that have been left on the post. I’ll leave it up to you as too what you want to do, but thank you so much for linking to the post. 🙂

      2. No problemos Hugh. I wondered if you or one of your blogging pals might be interested in doing a guy response to my recent post the #Girllove Blog Challenge, I thought a #Guylove post would be great for all the fantastic male bloggers like yourself to do a shout out for each other and to celebrate the much neglected male blogger of the species! Just an idea please ignore me if you don’t fancy doing it…

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