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Brighton-based, seven-person band, Wax Machine brings a new kind of psychedelic folk music to the fray. With instruments such as the flute and the saxophone, Wax Machine successfully portrays an otherworldly atmosphere to their music, while the use of bass, drums, keys and the guitar ground their style, making their sound likeable to a wider target audience. On the 23rd June 2017, I was fortunate enough to be able to watch one of their live performances at The Hope and Ruin in Brighton, a vegetarian/vegan pub which hosts live events. The first of three acts to play that night (the other bands being Psychic Lemon and headliner Kikagaku Moyo), Wax Machine set the bar high with their dream-like vocals and intriguing lyrics. Many of the songs performed were brand-new originals which were well-loved by their audience. Wax Machine’s look also complimented their sound, further enhancing that psychedelic element to their music.

As expected, I highly recommend checking their music out, or coming along to one of their shows (especially if you are ever in Brighton.)

Their next show takes place at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar on the 15th July at 19:00PM.

You can also check out their music on Soundcloud:

Band members: Isobel, Flute, vocals. Gigi, vocals. Freddie, sax, keys and vocals. Harry, keys. Willow, bass. Rose, drums. Lauro, guitar.

Images of the band courtesy of: © Abel Oberon.


Guest post by Natasha Mallon.
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    1. Creativity does run in the family but it’s not my daughter’s band. She does love to sing though! Her friend is in the group. Tasha loves music and writing so she liked to have a go at music journalism on my blog.

      1. No worries Christy. Understandable. I’ve always said to her she should be a singer as she has an amazing voice but sadly she hasn’t pursued a singing career.

  1. This would have been my dream band when I was that age. I was a hippie (still am!) guitarist-vocalist with a vegan-pacifist attitude. I would be SO proud of my daughter, Marje, as I am sure you are ♥

    1. Hi Tina,

      Glad you liked the band. One of the lead vocalists is my daughter’s friend. Tasha isn’t part of the band but she enjoys writing (like her mum,) and from time to time writes music/gig write ups on my blog. 🙂

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