Self-publishing Tips For New Authors

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Recently, I was asked by fellow blogger and friend Annika Perry how to fill in tax details for publishing on Kindle KDP. I messaged Annika the link below via twitter and this encouraged me to write this post to help others with some of the painstaking detail of self-publishing.

Here is the link :

KDP Tax interview:

I have been collecting many other links which might be useful to people considering self-publishing. Most of these are related to publishing on Amazon Kindle:

Size of artwork for books:

If you need to sign word documents this is useful:

To make a table of contents use bookmark, typing the titles of each chapter heading briefly without any spaces.


Further self publishing links:

Ways to earn money by publishing online serially:

Tapas – A Serial Publishing Platform That Earns Money for Indie Creators via Jane Friedman

How to embed fonts – this is only for paperback:

How to schedule a free kindle kdp promotion:

How to add kdp select:

How to do a kindle countdown deal:

How to add your details to Amazon Author Central. I made a bit of a mess of this to begin with, so this one is an important one to get right!

And the Creative Penn is an invaluable resource as are all the following links:

Huffington Post Legal Issues in Self Publishing What Authors Need To Know

Oh, and ideas for marketing!!!

Please feel free to add further links and tips to the comment box below, many thanks.


Bye for now, hope I got my facts right!




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  1. Reblogged this on Annika Perry's Writing Blog and commented:
    Marje is never one to hang about! Following my DM on twitter plea for help last night regarding Amazon KDP tax form, she came back with with an excellent link today. Realising my dilemma and frustration are no doubt shared by many she was inspired to write this post – fantastic links regarding all aspects of self-publishing! Many thanks, Marje…so happy to have form all sorted! Bookmarking these – they will be invaluable!

  2. A brilliant post, Marje – I’m impressed with your speed and organisation! These will be brilliant and I’m so grateful. I was horrified that I was going to have to pay 30% US tax and also told if anything was wrong with the form I was committing perjury!! BTW, I found IBAN and BIC numbers which Amazon need on top of bank statements. I’m bookmarking your post for future, ie. immediate, reference! I love the quote at the top…she was an amazing lady! Many thanks again. 😀❤️

  3. Many thanks Marje. Lots of useful links here. I follow Catherine Ryan Howard ‘s blog. She was one of the speakers at a self publishing conference in Dublin and really knows her stuff.

  4. Marje, although I am not in the position of publishing I am so impressed and touched by the prompt speed and kindness to fellow writers. I will also save this, who knows… day it might come in handy.
    You make it seem so clear albeit hard work.
    Miriam 😊🦋

    1. It is terribly hard work, I think I had a headache for two days while I was going through the process so only too happy to share if it will help others. Writing should be about writing and minimalizing the pain of these necessary but tedious tasks!

  5. Fab post Marje! That post by Catherine Howard was a lifesaver to me 5 years ago. I shared it through the years myself and helped out many with that tax issue, which I may add, is a lot easier now than 5 years ago when I had to apply for a US EIN number to get exempt. Now one only has to put in their social insurance number. Authors helping authors! <3

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