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Our summer holiday this year was in Newquay, Cornwall. We decided to journey there by train and hire a car for a few days. The train journey was very relaxing and a great opportunity to catch up on some reading. There were no hitches, we got to Newquay in the early evening as expected and took a taxi to our apartment. Or at least we thought we did! The taxi driver took us to the wrong block of flats, and we ended up standing outside shouting up at some random guy on a balcony, who told us that we were at Ocean View instead of our apartment and could we move out-of-the-way as we were blocking the drive! Well, this has never happened to me before, even though I have been all over the world, and travelled to some weird and wonderful places, where you would expect this to be much more likely.

My husband phoned the taxi company who complained a bit but did pick us up. The same lady taxi driver drove us the short distance down the hill to our apartment. As it turned out we could have walked, it was just a short distance away.  It didn’t quite look like the holiday photo from the internet but anyway, we had arrived. From that point on things got even more peculiar. We walked into a parking area that seemed to be high security. There were numbers to type in to open the gate, a number to open the door to the basement, and a strange black, plastic box with another security number for the key. The owners of the apartment certainly had a sense of humour, the key had a smiley face on it and the welcoming mat at the front door said, Keep Calm and Come In. The apartment was lovely, a true home from home with everything you could ask for and more. It was a bit of a shame that it was a bit rowdy at night but I think we chose the height of the stag weekends to arrive, and well it was the centre of Newquay so what can you expect? The stag revellers were quite entertaining. Costumes seem a big Stag item nowadays, one group of 13-15 guys were all in Marvel costumes. I saw a couple of them crossing the road, hand in hand, very fetching I must say. They came back later dripping wet, their ebullient spirits, and elaborate costumes somewhat dampened by a sudden downpour of rain!

The holiday was great. Cornwall is just so beautiful. The beaches are great, the views are spectacular. What more could you ask for? Well, a little bit more sunshine would have been nice. But mustn’t complain it only rained a little. We began by gatecrashing  the Headland Hotel, we stopped for a cappuccino, and basked in the sun. It was so relaxing I could have snoozed off. We swam in the sea, got thrown about by the waves, travelled to St Ives, and Padstow.

The Thursday before we returned home we went to the Minack Theatre, Porthcorno, This is a “world-famous open-air theatre created from a cliffside at Porthcurno by Rowena Cade.” Not surprisingly this breathtaking spot has won many awards, and it is only a short distance away from Lands End. We went to see The Producers which was a riot. The images from the musical can be seen, at the following link The journey there was long, the traffic was busy but it was well worth it. Rain was forecast so we had come in our jeans and tee-shirts with brollies at the ready but it was one of the hottest days. Thank goodness I had packed suncream, and my sunhat, oh and a packed lunch and drinks.  My daughter stole my favourite blue sun hat, but I wasn’t going to deprive her, she’s so fair-skinned.

While I was in Cornwall I got to thinking about Cornish gastronomic delights well Cornish Pasties and Cream teas to be exact. Lean cuisine isn’t exactly a feature of Cornish cuisine. I wondered why? It must be the rugged scenery, the wind swept hill tops, the waves pounding the shore that make people yearn for a scone, jam and clotted cream, fish and chips, or a hearty Cornish pasty. Oh, and the pirates you can just see them tucking in can’t you?

If  you go with children, or teenagers you’re bound to part with your money for a temporary tattoo. Well older ones might succumb to a permanent one but that’s a different story. My youngest got a star pattern on her foot, I was quite sceptical, I thought that it wouldn’t last very long but it’s still there and we’ve been back nearly a month now! The tattoo ladies do a roaring trade on sunny days but our last day it rained all day long. I saw her as we walked past, she didn’t have a customer in sight but she still managed a smile as we walked by.

Well, my husband and the girls braved the weather and went into the sea for a farewell quick dip. I stayed on the beach, and watched, while posing as an idiot manning an umbrella. Then we went to the cinema, a first choice activity for a rainy day, and watched Guardians of The Galaxy in 3D. I loved the tree character, Groot, he didn’t say much but somehow he was so memorable!

In keeping with all good holidays we ate a little too much, drank more than we do normally and had an enjoyable time. But the thought that struck me when I was on my way home was this: how lucky we are to have two teenagers that are a pleasure to be with. They don’t whine or give us a hard time. I must have done something right. Or am I hallucinating?  But changes are coming and fast. My eldest is going to University this autumn. The family dynamic as we know it is going to change. How I will miss her. Life is full of  these moments. I remember back to both of my childrens’ final year at primary school. When my eldest finished somehow it didn’t affect me in the same way but when my youngest left it seemed such a sad occasion. My last child at primary school. I looked around and all the other mothers in the same boat looked tearful, and so did the children. I think we all sensed that secondary school was a big change, and of course we were right. That was such an emotional occasion, and I think the changes coming this autumn will be too. I will have to pack a hanky or two, not bother to wear any mascara, that will be easy as I rarely do. I will have to brave it up but I have a feeling I will find it hard, so if you happen to be in Brighton in September and see me crying you’ll know why. The seaside always stirs my emotions. Sussex is her first choice University so I’m so delighted that she is going there. I just wish I could sneak in too and re-live those University days! If only.

I’ve digressed and regressed, one minute I’m talking about holidays and the next I’m off  to University!  Anyway, getting back to the holiday theme, I’ve a few photos to show you. Where did you go this summer or where are you planning on going? I’d love to hear your summer holiday stories. Do tell.

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Minack Theatre Cornwall


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