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Thank you to Sally for all her support of #authors by sharing #reviews. So appreciate it.

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Welcome to the Wednesday Cafe and Bookstore update with recent reviews for authors on the shelves.

The first author is M.J. Mallonwith one of the reviews for her new poetry and prose collection, Mr. Sagittarius

About the collection

Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do.

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images

One of the recent reviews for the collection

Feb 16, 2020Colleen M. Chesebro rated it it was amazing

Mr. Sagittarius is the tale of two very different brothers and their only sister, told in poetry and prose inspired by the natural beauty of the botanical gardens in Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Montreal. The…

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Book Review: ‘Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe’ by Richard Dee

Book review via Book Squirrel for Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Cafe’ by Richard Dee

Book Squirrel

Andorra and her best friend Cy are fabulous as the lead characters in this entertaining science fiction mystery story that takes place on a space station operating on the rings of Saturn.

Dee writes with a natural and relaxed style, infused with humour and observant insight into human behaviour and responses.

The story itself is well-crafted, immersing the reader in the station’s community and keeping them guessing with well-executed twists and clever diversions woven seamlessly into the plot.

The world building is original and complex, opening the reader’s imagination to the vast possibilities of life beyond our own world.

The cast of characters and their individual personalities, quirks and motivations remind the reader that people are the same wherever you go, which is why the premise and assumptions of the story work so well.

This is a most enjoyable read that will appeal to lovers of…

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Keep calm and…

What to do with your stockpiles of toilet paper via Jane Docherty. #coronavirus #toiletpaper #humour

Jane Dougherty Writes

In these times of incertitude and justifiable apprehension, we are all called upon to act sensibly and with solidarity. Some are doing just that, but there are others who are thinking about number one alone, and who will let nothing and no one prevent them facing the apocalypse with a clean bum.

There are many people now with several tons of toilet paper stocked in their garages and basements, under the sink, filling the attic. Many will be wondering how they can use it in the coming months and years or when their shopping habits go back to normal, whichever comes first. No need to worry about getting bored, though; toilet paper is extremely versatile. There are thousands of exciting recipes appearing on the Internet, as toilet paper replaces all the boring old staples like pasta, rice, and potatoes. Here are just a few of them.

Use the pure white…

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I talk to myself. Who doesn’t!

I wonder if a lot of writers talk to ourselves? Perhaps we have too much to say? Jack has his reasons for talking to himself, do read his engaging account. I am a long term member of the talk to yourself club too.

Have We Had Help?


Years ago when I was a small boy I witnessed something which might explain a few things about me, if you are at all interested…

My mother and I were walking into Beccles where I still live today from the farm we lived on in the village of Barsham. Armed with our ration books in mum’s purse we were going for the weekly ration pickup (two real eggs, two ounces of marg, either four paper-thin slices of bacon or what used to pass for a half-dozen sausages, mainly containing gristle and suet). From memory the latter were bloody awful! So much so that it was years before I could face a proper sausage. This weekly ritual was a hangover from the Second World War still in operation.

But I digress…

We passed an old man on the road walking the other way towards Bungay who was talking to himself. I…

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Book Reviews: Life’s Rich Tapestry – Sally Cronin, Conflicted Hearts – D.G. Kaye

A couple of 5 star reviews for Sally Cronin Life’s Rich Tapestry and Debby Gies Conflicted Hearts at Miriam’s blog do check them out.

The Showers of Blessings

Welcome to my book reviews.

reading-logoSally Tapestry

The first review is Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words by Sally Cronin

Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words by [Cronin, Sally]My Review

I have followed Sally Cronin’s blog for some time and always enjoy reading her writing of short stories, articles on health and well-being and various subjects.

I read this book, Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in Words, with great expectation. By the subtitle, I knew it includes poetry, fiction and short stories.  The book includes the four seasons, all things human, fairy tales, the nature, the pets and short stories.

In the Seasons of the Year – The scenes of the seasons passed in front of my eyes. I could see the colors of the seasons and smell the fragrance, feel the breeze of warm and cold air, hearing the joyful sounds in the family gatherings.

In All Things Human, rich words flowed from Cronin’s true experience or imagination, ranged from youth…

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March Promote Your Book Party!

Charles French is having a promote your book party on his blog. #book #party #bloggers #authors

charles french words reading and writing



It is the beginning of a new month, of March, so let’s self-promote!  It is time to stand up and shout for your books! Come and join this party, and celebrate your writing. Do not be shy–you must be your own biggest promoter!

So, regardless of the genre, tell about your book.  Include where it can be found, and be proud of your writing! Then, so as many as possible can see this promotion for all, please reblog and tweet this post! Let us all help each other as much as possible!

Proclaim your book to the world!

And remember, always, keep writing!

GallowsHillFinalCoverEbookGallows Hill can be found here in ebook.

Gallows Hill in paperback can be found here.

An interview about Gallows Hill can be found here.


Please follow the following links to find my novel:


Print book

Thank you!

The book trailer:

Maledicus:Investigative Paranormal…

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Smorgasbord Book Reviews – #Poetry and #Prose Mr. Sagittarius by M.J. Mallon

Thank you so much to Sally Cronin for reading and reviewing my new poetry. prose and photography collection – Mr. Sagittarius.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I have just enjoyed reading the magical collection of poetry and prose, Mr. Sagittariusby M.J. Mallon

About the collection

Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do.

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images.

My review for the collection March 4th 2020.

Set against the beautiful back drop of the botanical gardens in Cambridge, prose and verse tell the story of people who find solace and joy in the weeping willow tree and dragonflies and in the wonders of the orchids in the hot house. Twin brothers have a favourite bench where they watch the world go by, and their sister Annette reflects on her life…

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February 2020 Books #AmReading

Ritu reads so much! Wonderful collection of books to discover. Thrilled by the 5 star review for Mr. Sagittarius and well done to Robbie Cheadle too! Awesome.

But I Smile Anyway...

The second month of 2020 is done and dusted. What did Ritu manage to read this time, in between school, her own book release, several family birthdays, and half term?

Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi

Gingerbread by Helen Oyeyemi

My rating: 2 of 5 stars
I requested this arc with high hopes, reading the book description, but was left feeling flat.
I am afraid that this book was not something I found easy to get into, read or follow, and the ending left a lot to be desired too.
The jumping of points of view from character to character really confused me and I don’t feel any sense of completion upon finishing the book either.
Many thanks to Netgalley, Pan Macmillan and Picador for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
Published March 5th, 2020

Through the Nethergate by Roberta Eaton Cheadle

Through the Nethergate by Roberta Eaton Cheadle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, wow!
What can I say

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live love laugh

Love and hugs to The Lonely Author. So sorry to hear that he’s not well so let’s send our good wishes for his heart to be strong. ❤

The Lonely Author

live love laugh

The results are in.

Basically, parts of my heart are not functioning as they should, forcing the rest of my heart to work harder.

The cardiologist confirmed my primary doctor’s findings, I probably suffered two heartaches in December.

My doctor wants me to undergo a procedure (in April) that should stimulate and revive these slacking walls. THE DOCTOR COULD NOT GUARANTEE this procedure will be successful. He also informed me that out of 1,000 hearts in the conditions that mine is currently in, 1 will not survive the surgery.

He also stated WITHOUT THE PROCEDURE parts of my heart will totally stop functioning within two to three years.

Doc wants me to rest and build up my strength for this procedure, but this time I will not go it alone. My intention is to continue blogging. I will read and approve the 700+ comments that are pending…

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Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Magic Mr. Sagittarius by M. J. Mallon

Thank you to Sally Cronin for this lovely feature of Mr. Sagittarius poetry and prose on her blog and details of Ritu Bhathal’s 5 star review for Mr. Sagittarius. ❤

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

M. J. Mallon is celebrating the launch of her latest book a collection of magical poetry and prose, Mr. Sagittarius.

About the collection

Twin brothers Harold and William love the magic of the natural world.

When Harold dies he leaves a simple memorial request.

Will his brother William and his sister Annette honour it?

Or, will the garden work its magic to ensure that they do.

A magical story expressed via an original compilation of poetry and prose with photographic images.

One of the early reviews for the book

Ritu 5.0 out of 5 stars A beautiful combination of Prose, Poetry and Photography  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 February 2020

A magical book filled with prose, poetry and photographs all linking back to twin brothers, William and Harold.

A fascination with the botanical gardens, and regular visits to the bench under the Golden weeping willow, spark poetic…

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