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I had a go at this fun quiz from Quibblo on my new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kyrosmagica/posts/926828083997927.

What Breed of Cat Are You? It came up with Scottish Fold, a cute breed with folded ears, silver fur and yellow eyes. The Scottish Fold’s little ears give it an owl like appearance. They are loving, good natured, and playful!  Folds are also known for sitting with their legs stretched out and their paws on their belly in the “Buddha Position.”

Wikipedia Facts about The Scottish Fold:

  • The Scottish Fold is featured in-depth in the short novel,  The Cat Who Went to Paris by Peter Gethers. The book and its two sequels, A Cat Abroad and The Cat Who’ll Live Forever: The Final Adventures of Norton, the Perfect Cat and his imperfect human document the life of Gethers and his Fold, Norton, from their first meeting to Norton’s eventual death and Gethers’ experiences after the loss.


In the 2012 novel The Bone Bed, Kay Scarpetta rescues a Scottish Fold cat from a murder victim’s home. She brings her home to meet the greyhound rescued in an earlier novel. They apparently get along well.

In the Anime series Beyond The Boundary, the Youmu form of the Anime-exclusive character Ai Shindo is a two-tailed Scottish Fold cat.

In 2009, Maru, a Scottish Fold cat, became an Internet sensation due to his obsession with boxes. Due to his Internet popularity, several commercials have been produced featuring the cat.


Popular YouTube bloggers, Simon and Martina aka Eatyourkimchi acquired a Scottish Fold kitten, Dr. Meemersworth, in July 2012.

“Waffles” is the name of a Scottish Fold cat, featured on the Facebook page “Waffles The Cat”. The page has over 440,000 likes as of July 2014.

What sort of Cat best describes you? Do tell.



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What Does My Name Mean?

What Does My Name Mean/ Followland.com

Modest: you are somebody who is good at lots of things but doesn’t brag about them

Amusing: you enjoy making people laugh

Reliable: you are someone who takes responsibility and can be counted on

Just: you always enjoy doing what is right and doing things for others

Original: you are unique and don’t copy others

Reliable: you are someone who takes responsibility and can be counted on

Intuitive: you have the ability to know what is going to happen before it happens

Energetic: you have a lot of energy and you are very active


A fun quiz to do on a Monday! I found it on Facebook. Why not have a go and see what your name means. I was amused by the last one, I don’t know about that, my energy seems pretty sapped at the moment with all this hot English weather! Maybe that’s another Marjorie in another life.  I have two R’s for Reliable. I particularly like the original and intuitive ones! The rest of them, well I hope they’re true, that would be nice, they’re all so positive! I sound a bit too good to be true! Where are my flaws? Hidden deep somewhere in my name?



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