(Not) The Deepings Literary Festival Read Dating 2nd May 2020

I was really looking forward to being one of the authors at this event organised by Linda Hill. Great to see the others who were coming too and hope to see them once COVID19 is more manageable. Thank you to Linda for this thoughtful post. ❤

Linda's Book Bag


Today should have been one of the Deepings Literary Festival’s interim year events with a super read dating at the Deepings Community Library. I was really looking forward to running the event with a team of lovely Deepings volunteers. Sadly, if unsurprisingly, Corvid 19 has put a stop to today’s excitement.

However, we are hoping our authors will be able to join us at a new date once all this is over and in the meantime I thought I’d just tell you who and what you’re missing in case you might like to dip into their books anyway ready for when you can meet them face to face and ask them all about their writing!

Our wonderful authors today, in alphabetical order, would have been:

Sue Bentley

Sue Bentley

Sue Bentley is a worldwide best-selling author of novels for children and adults. Her sparkly magical animal series for 5-9 years has been…

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