Book Review: Mr. Sagittarius: Poetry and Prose by M J Mallon

Thank you so much to Miriam Hurdle for this lovely 5 star review of Mr. Sagittarius. Thrilled. <3

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Mr. Sagittarius is on his way!!! #newrelease #poetry #prose #photography


Getting excited!!!!

My blog tour begins on Sunday the 16th of FebruaryMr. Sagittarius – a collection of poetry, short stories and photography.

When I mentioned who was kicking off my blog tour, my eldest daughter, Natasha said:

That’s so you mum!

So, who is my first blog tour host/ess? …

It’s my lovely friend Sam and Charlie the cat with the following question:

Charlie asks :

“I notice there is a poem called ‘Life Lessons From Cats’ with my sister Lily’s picture.

What would you say is the most important lesson you’ve learned in Feline Philosophy?”

To discover my answer and to meet Charlie and my good friend Sam in person, pop over to Sam’s awesome blog celebrating her cute family of cats and her gorgeous crystals :

Sam is the first stop on my blog tour this Sunday.




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The first month’s royalties from the sale of the e-book will be donated to the Australian bush fire charity. 


Love ya!


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