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A big welcome… (If I dare!) to my next interviewee the intriguing Grasshopper, a fine bug of a creature who features in my soon to be released YA Fantasy – The Curse of Time: Book 1: Bloodstone. I have set a tentative date for the release of my e-book – 26th August, so keep a look out for further details and updates about that.

Today, I am interviewing  the Grasshopper using the initials MJ – (my author nickname and tribute to my favourite superhero Spiderman’s Mary Jane!)

MJ: Grasshopper, I’m speechless, is that really you? Have you come to eat me up?

Grasshopper: Of course not dear girl, I don’t eat humans, even though I have pincer sharp teeth.

MJ: I can see that… Oh, what a relief! Tell me all about yourself Mr. Grasshopper.

Grasshopper: I am the world’s largest grasshopper escapement. I’m crafted out of the finest materials, only the very best for me.

MJ: Could you explain a little about the Corpus Christi Chronopage?

Grasshopper: The Chronopage is a large sculptural clock, and my home. It is the brainchild of a team of two hundred talented people including sculptors, engineers, scientists, jewellers, and calligraphers. It includes not one, not two, but six new patented inventions.

MJ: How extraordinary! It is a breath-taking invention and I have always found you phenomenally intriguing Mr. Grasshopper. Not surprisingly, you draw crowds of onlookers and tourists on King’s Parade.

Grasshopper: Oh, yes, no one can resist me. I provoke a reaction, people pause, take photos, respond in horror, or delight. And all the while time marches on, in its cruel, relentless manner.

MJ: Such is life. Hence the spikey teeth?

Grasshopper: Yes, I eat away at your life, your youth, your beauty. Sadly, it is my fate.  I am at the mercy of my tragic role in this Chronopage. No one is exempt. I am its wretched servant.

MJ:  That is sad. My heart weeps for you.

Grasshopper:  Indeed, it is the worse fate. Consider how desperate my life is…. Just one long endless forever of tick tock, tick tock boredom. Well, until my mechanics eventually fail.

MJ: Poor you.  I sympathise, but you’re not alone in your suffering, are you? There are many characters in The Curse of Time who suffer great sadness.

Grasshopper:  Yes indeed, poor Mark, (Amelina’s father,) really does have a rough ride. Young Esme is a prisoner too, and so many of the characters in The Curse of Time are trapped in a time they wish to escape.

MJ: Indeed they are.

For, a moment we contemplate this thought together in a unified silence.

MJ: Could you tell me a little about the unveiling of the magnificent Chronopage?

Grasshopper: Only the finest mind could unveil such a formidable creature as myself. The Chronopage was officially unveiled to the public on the 19 September 2008 by Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking.

MJ: How amazing. And I believe the originator of the Chronopage is inventor Dr John C Taylor, OBE.

Grasshopper: Yes, Dr Taylor, a former student at Corpus College invested five years and £1 million in the Corpus Clock project.

MJ: Wow, this venture must have meant so much to him. Where is the Corpus Christi Chronopage clock located?

Grasshopper: The Chronopage is situated outside the Taylor Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University, in the United Kingdom, at the junction of Benet Street and Trumpington Street, looking out over King’s Parade.

MJ: You couldn’t get a better location.

Grasshopper: No, in my humble opinion it is the most magnificent street in Cambridge. Fit for Kings! One has only to see all the fine colleges close to my home to say that.

MJ: You call the Chronopage your home but how can a home have no means of comfortable exit?

Grasshopper: True, my home is my prison. I am a prisoner of time. The exquisite artistry in my wings showcase the most beautiful part of me – my desperate desire and longing to fly free.

He sighs.

MJ: Where would you go if you had a chance?

Grasshopper: Oh, so many places. I long to explore a quiet place untouched by time. Where every blade of grass holds a heartbeat of beautiful tranquillity.

MJ: Sounds so calm, but can such a place exist in this world of turmoil?

Grasshopper: I wonder… Perhaps I will struggle to find such perfection but I sense one day I will succeed.

MJ: Do you play a considerable role in The Curse of Time Book 1: The Bloodstone?

Grasshopper: Yes and No. I exist in dreams, visions, and peoples’ experiences. These will pique your curiosity, dear readers. But, I promise you that you’ll hear more from me in book two. I am looking forward to stirring up a considerable amount of mischief in the second book in the series.

MJ: Sounds exciting.

Grasshopper: Oh, yes it will be, I promise you. When we are young,  (or are writing a fresh new story,) hours can deceive you by ticking by slowly but don’t be fooled. Time will progress at an unnaturally rapid rate towards the end of book two but the wait will be worth it.

MJ: Thank you for your fascinating interview Grasshopper.

Grasshopper: I consider it such an honour dear MJ. I wish you every success with your book launch.

MJ: Thank you,  dear Grasshopper, you are too kind.

The Grasshopper bows, opens and closes his eyes and I swear he winks.

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Photography Credit: All images courtesy of Dr John C Taylor, OBE.



Wikipedia – Corpus Clock


Isn’t the Grasshopper fabulous? He’s a favourite character of mine. Can’t wait to write more about him.

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  1. I used to do tours of Cambridge for TEFL students and I always liked the Chronophage because it was a moment to stop and let them all take pictures, and if there was time (see what I did there) we’d discuss what the clock means.

    1. Oh, how interesting. Yes, it’s definitely one of those tourist attractions that provokes great interest and discussion. The nature of time is truly a fascinating subject. I’m so glad that I live in Cambridge and that this marvellous creation inspired me so. 🙂

      1. Thanks Colleen, yes saw that will take a look tomorrow. Been at work all day today and a bit shattered. Just up for a glass of wine and a bit of relax time!

  2. I love this interview and I think I’ve fallen for the Grasshopper. Such a sad but beautiful life caught in the webs of time forever, well until his works run down. xxx

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