YA Books I’ve read the past 2 weeks

Originally posted on Amor Vitam:
Hi there! Thanks to the YouTube account of an awesome girl named Sanne (booksandquills), I’ve been reading quite a lot lately and have totally gotten into reading YA (= Young Adult) books. I’ve kind of got the book virus I suppose, since I have the constant urge to order a bunch of books online all of the time. In this post I will discuss three books which have made an impression on me and which I would love to talk about. Don’t worry by the way, this blog post will be spoiler free! I am quite critical when it comes to stories, books, films, etc, but coincidentally these books were all to my liking. Let’s start (in no specific order).. The Fault in Our Stars John Green I had already read this book but since I went to see the movie last week, I couldn’t resist the urge to read the book again a few days in advance. The fault in our stars is a story about two teenagers that fall in love. Hazel, the main character, is a very average teenage girl except for the fact she has some form of cancer in her lungs. One day she meets a boy, named Augustus, and together they become friends, albeit quite flirtatious friends. Deep in their hearts they know that this will probably be their first and last love, nonetheless the story unfolds in not being a soppy emotional (okay well it…

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