Anne Reincarnated

RE-blogging this from Rachel Carrera, Novelist. As Anne Frank Trust’s, Digital Generation Diary is 12 June 2014-11 June 2015, for 13-15 year olds. Go to, to find out more.

Rachel Carrera, Novelist

Since today is Throwback Thursday as well as Anne Frank’s birthday, I will share a story to tie them both together.  As I’ve said before, my grandparents raised me.  My grandfather was stationed in Japan during World War II, then he and the family lived in different areas of the Far East during the reconstruction years following the war.  So growing up, my house was filled with Oriental and Asian furniture, paintings, knickknacks, and other keepsakes.  I heard a lot of firsthand stories about Japan during wartime.

My grandma had a large family and all but one of her many brothers were stationed in either Asia or Europe.  She had one brother who was a German prisoner of war for more than two years.  But my grandma was an odd woman.  She was very tight-lipped and secretive about just about everything.  So getting any stories of Germany out of her…

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