How to get published

Reblogging this from sonoftheseagod. Very useful and informative advice about publishing.


Here’s a post which is a bit different from my usual ones about writing and reading – it’s in answer to a question a lot of new and unpublished writers have asked me. The question is: ‘How do you get published?’

I don’t just get asked this on social media – I get asked in everyday life too. In fact, in the next few weeks I have two speaking engagements coming up where, as well as reading from my novel and answering questions about that, I’m also due to be asked about my ‘road to publication.’

So I thought I’d share what little wisdom I have on the subject with you. My credentials for doing so are straightforward – I do have a novel out, it’s published by Skylight Press. You can find Song of the Sea God here in the UK and here in the USA and read the first…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging this, marjma…I have done so, as well. Very interesting article, with some points that apply to self-publishing, as well as traditional. Enjoyed it!


    • Hi Marcia. Yes, very worthwhile. Glad I came across it and reblogged it! Oh by the way have started reading Swamp Ghosts! Bit behind on my reading, just finished Patrick Ness’s The Knife Of Never Letting go. Have read first eight chapters of Swamp Ghosts, will do reviews when I’m finished. 🙂


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