What Does My Name Mean?

What Does My Name Mean/ Followland.com

Modest: you are somebody who is good at lots of things but doesn’t brag about them

Amusing: you enjoy making people laugh

Reliable: you are someone who takes responsibility and can be counted on

Just: you always enjoy doing what is right and doing things for others

Original: you are unique and don’t copy others

Reliable: you are someone who takes responsibility and can be counted on

Intuitive: you have the ability to know what is going to happen before it happens

Energetic: you have a lot of energy and you are very active


A fun quiz to do on a Monday! I found it on Facebook. Why not have a go and see what your name means. I was amused by the last one, I don’t know about that, my energy seems pretty sapped at the moment with all this hot English weather! Maybe that’s another Marjorie in another life.  I have two R’s for Reliable. I particularly like the original and intuitive ones! The rest of them, well I hope they’re true, that would be nice, they’re all so positive! I sound a bit too good to be true! Where are my flaws? Hidden deep somewhere in my name?



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