Stephen King, I write like him! A WIP of him!

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Absolutely agree with Stephen King’s quote. Books have this amazing quality about them, they transport us into another world, a world in which anything is possible. Well with this in mind, let me tell you about a bit of fun I had yesterday,  I posted the first few lines of my novel in this website: I write Like.  My writing was analysed. I have to say I was astonished when the website matched me to Stephen King. One, I don’t write horror! There are scary bits in my book, and parts of it have frightened me. Though I am easily scared by my own writing.  I have too vivid an imagination not to be! This is a bit of a hazard. Two,  Stephen King is a legend, and I’m just well a bit of a work in progress, yes a WIP.

Anyway, I now have the I write like Stephen King badge, why not! Nice to collect a few honours!

So I thought I would share  some of my favourite Stephen King quotes with you:

“If you liked being a teenager, there’s something really wrong with you.”

(Oops, I loved being a teenager, what can I say?)


“A short story is a different thing all together – a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger.”  SkeletonCrew

(And a short story is so difficult to write! It kills me every time, the kiss of death.)


“The thing under my bed waiting to grab my ankle isn’t real. I know that, and I also know that if I’m careful to keep my foot under the covers, it will never be able to grab my ankle.”  Night Shift


“Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman’s got to hold on to.” ― Stephen KingDolores Claiborne


“Humor is almost always anger with its make-up on.”― Stephen KingBag of Bones
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“Friends. They aren’t any such thing as good friend or bad friend. Maybe there are just friend. People who stand by you when you’re hurt and who helped you feel not so lonely. Maybe they are worth“Maybe there aren’t any such things as good friends or bad friends – maybe there are just friends, people who stand by you when you’re hurt and who help you feel not so lonely. Maybe they’re always worth being scared for, and hoping for, and living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if that’s what has to be. No good friends. No bad friends. Only people you want, need to be with; people who build their houses in your heart.”― Stephen KingIt
(I have a mega, enormous fascination with time, and so does Stephen King):
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“Time takes it all whether you want it to or not, time takes it all. Time bares it away, and in the end there is only darkness. Sometimes we find others in that darkness, and sometimes we lose them there again.”
“Time’s the thief of memory.”
– The Gunslinger.
(And I can identify with this Stephen King quote so much):
“I tend to scare myself.”― Stephen King



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“FEAR stands for fuck everything and run.”  Doctor Sleep


“High school isn’t a very important place. When you’re going you think it’s a big deal, but when it’s over nobody really thinks it was great unless they’re beered up.”― Stephen KingCarrie


“It’s strange how pain marks our faces, and makes us look like family.”― Stephen KingThe Green Mile


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“Calling it a simple schoolgirl crush was like saying a Rolls-Royce was a vehicle with four wheels, something like a hay-wagon. She did not giggle wildly and blush when she saw him, nor did she chalk his name on trees or write it on the walls of the Kissing Bridge. She simply lived with his face in her heart all the time, a kind of sweet, hurtful ache. She would have died for him..”― Stephen KingIt


“You want to remember that while you’re judging the book, the book is also judging you.”
― Stephen KingNight Shift


“Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free.”― Stephen KingDifferent Seasons


“If I have to spend time in purgatory before going to one place or the other, I guess I’ll be all right as long as there’s a lending library.”― Stephen King


“Writing is magic, as much the water of life as any other creative art. The water is free. So drink. Drink and be filled up.”― Stephen King


“Reading a good long novel is in many ways like having a long and satisfying affair”― Stephen King


“The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want for nothing. He makes me lie down in the green pastures. He greases up my head with oil. He gives me kung-fu in the face of my enemies. Amen”― Stephen KingThe Stand

Oh and I found this fun Stephen King quiz: .

Do you have a favourite Stephen King quote?  If so, do let me know in the comment box. 🙂




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  1. Reblogged this on Author P.S. Bartlett and commented:
    I can honestly say that if your blog contains anything about Stephen King, I will read it and most likely reblog it. 🙂 This fit the bill perfectly and the energy on your blog is so loud and inviting anyway! Now I’m off to get analyzed.

    My writing that is. 😉

  2. Wow way to go! Stephen King is awesome. My blog is inspired by his quote on finding enrichment through words. It’s my tag line too:)

  3. Yeah. I noticed the Stephen King tag line on your blog, ‘In the end, it’s about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life.” Awesome!

    1. Yes it is a hoot! I was wondering about putting different parts of my writing into ‘I write like’ and seeing if I get different authors. I reckon I would, as there are themes of darkness, and lightness in my work in progress novel.

  4. I analyzed a few different pieces of my writing, and I think one of them was supposedly like Thomas Hardy XD I don’t really write like him. . . I’d rather get Stephen King. Maybe I’ll input some actual text from a few authors and see what pops up, lol.

    1. Yeah, I was wondering about putting different bits of my novel in and seeing if I get different authors. I know that a few other bloggers have tried this! 🙂

  5. Stephen King is one of my favorite writers, even if I am too scared to read much of his writing. Every now and then I get bold and pull out one of his books, and have nightmares for a week as a reward.

    1. I have nightmares writing scary bits in my books and they are aimed at children and teenagers! But yeah I need to delve into his books, and do some Stephen King reviews, just working myself up to it 🙂

  6. Writing like Stephen is a good compliment! 🙂 I tried something similar someone gave a link to on Facebook, although it wasn’t based on text, but on what subjects and kind of writing you liked to create, and I came out as writing like Paulo Coelho. I’d only vaguely heard of him. I looked him up and came across a You Tube video of his most famous book The Alchemist, I liked the idea of the story, but thought some of the writing sounded immature, as if he was writing for children – I wasn’t too pleased to be compared to him. And considering one of the choices I selected was liking prose, I think they got that a little wrong because I’ve read a lot of books with brilliant prose, and his style wasn’t what I would call prose. But lots of readers love his books, so maybe it was just the bit I heard, I will have to have a proper read of a few of his books.

    Maybe the test you found is a little more accurate, I shall give it a try sometime. Not sure I’d want to paste any bits of a potential novel in there though – sounds a little alarming!

  7. Yes writing like Stephen is a good compliment:) Though I don’t know how accurate it is! I know what you mean about pasting bits of a novel in, I was a bit worried about this so I didn’t post a large section. So the result may have been a bit unrealistic, I don’t know.

  8. I would definitely count Stephen King as one of my favorite authors, and The Stand, as my actual favorite book. I’ve read it over a half dozen times. It never gets old.

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