World Naked Bike Ride Cambridge !!!!

Found this on Facebook.  My first reaction – it kind of amused me so thought I’d share!!! Apparently this has been happening every June since 2006! Really, I’ve never ever seen it.


The last time we had a bike event in Cambridge it was the Tour de France, which was chock-a-block with lycra. This is a bit different!




Anyway, if you want to support this event for environmental reasons, and of course your love of biking,  give it a go,  just be aware that the expression saddle sore is going to take on a whole new dimension! Still, there’s always the option to go partially clothed, I know which half, I’d opt for.

Thank goodness they’re holding this event in June, a naked bike ride sure isn’t an activity for the winter! Ugh, that just sends shivers down my spine.




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  1. My first thought was ouch! Could be fun…to watch. Are you going? How many take part I wonder? I sure hope the weather is better than today for the riders.

    1. Yes, my first thought was ouch too! I might go along to watch. Yes, I hope the weather is kind to them, today it’s raining, so a bit of sunshine next weekend wouldn’t go amiss!

  2. Ah, ha, ha! I’ve never heard of this event. I completely understand why they’re doing it. I’m very surprised this is not being done at South Beach, Florida (USA) since they really love their bikes and are usually half naked anyway. 😉

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