Some Funnies on Facebook this week

It’s best to start off on a Monday morning with a smile so as soon as I saw this bunch of Facebook Funnies from Sally at Smorgasbordinvitation I jumped in and shared. Have a very happy Monday. I start a new job today, working in the local primary school …. wish me luck.


Welcome to this week’s selection of funnies from Facebook that I spotted in my own timeline and admittedly by poaching in other friend’s FB. I didn’t get caught thankfully but hav…

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    1. Neither. Midday supervisor aka keeping the kids from falling of the apparatus, stamping on each other…. general ref. Hoping it will lead to possible TA or other role at the school, if I can cope with refereeing in the interim. Bit of a change from retail… kind of missing the till, and folding jumpers a bit, but I’ll get over it.

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