Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge#87 Class and Firm


Ronovan’s prompt words this week, class and firm seem to be very appropriate judging by my new part-time role working in a primary school.

It’s been quite a week. We’ve had rain, fog, cold days, mishaps, sharing issues, arguments, little fights and then…. one day this week the fire alarm went off during the lunch break and the little ‘uns were very upset. They thought their school was about to burn down, and they wanted their mummies! So I did my best to reassure them that this was not the case and it was just the kitchens getting too hot!! Poor wee mites, when you’re little every drama ends up being a major crisis of disproportionate proportions.

It didn’t help that just before the fire alarm went off one of the little girls hurt her lip, adding even more drama to an already raging inferno!

So the Monkeying Around haiku below is with them in mind…. sometimes, I’d advocate a fair old dousing of over imaginativeitis – only in extreme cases you understand!  But if all else fails a big hug from mum is always a good idea:



Raging school drama,

Classes monkeying around,

Firm, but fair dousing!


Oh and today I came across one of many little cherubs. This one with curly blond hair and the brightest blue eyes,  but even little cherubs can be challenging! This little fellow only responds to the words kind hands when he’s been a bit naughty – kind hands involves putting your little hands up in the air and proposing kindness to your  fingertips… miraculously it seemed to work, perhaps he is a bit theatrically inclined. I hope when I ask him to do it again his hands oblige!

I mentioned it to my youngest daughter and she laughed and admitted that she was really naughty in reception!!! In fact she was so naughty that she used to have to stay in sometimes as they wouldn’t let her out to play! And I thought she was an angel, us mothers, huh!!! She sounds like a cherub too….



A little cherub,

Not naughty just challenging,

Firm words then kind hands.


Do pop over to Ronovan Writes, to join in with the haiku weekly challenge fun:


Hope you liked my haiku.

Have a lovely weekend, have fun, but remember no monkeying around!

Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx



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28 thoughts on “Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge#87 Class and Firm

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  1. I love the look of your new blog, Marje. It looks amazing. It feels good to change it up. I know I have done it too much, but I seem to have found one that really exemplifies my aura of fairies. Now, I loved both of your haiku too! <3 Happy Spring! <3

    1. Thank you Colleen. I fiddled with it a lot until I got it the way I wanted it… glad you loved my new look, yours is lovely too, the colour scheme and new pic fit in beautifully with your fairies! And thanks for the thumbs up about my haikus too.

    1. They never tell you what they are really up to…. at least not in my experience. Mind you your granddaughter might be one of the well behaved ones. Even if they are challenging when they are little as long as they are decent when they are adults, that’s the main thing!

      1. My eldest is too kind. Hope she will hang on two years until her sister starts school too. Her sister is a warrior for justice, and tough as they come.

      2. A tough warrior for justice that sounds a bit like my eldest… I remember once someone tried to trip her up at school so she gave him a kick in the leg! He never bothered her again.

      3. Well, what is fair is fair. The same tactics here. She is only 2.5. The latest: she was watching an older girl annoy others in the nursery, and when that girl finally approached her, my warrior took off her tiny shoe and just hit that girl in her face… the girl walked away, none of them said a word.

      4. Oh, the most strong characters come in little parcels… same with my eldest, she was such a tiny, delicate, baby – no granddaughters yet. My eldest is twenty and fiercely independent – so doubt there will be any grand kids for a while to come. That’s something for the future.. I hope they’ll oblige in years to come, not too soon though!

      5. There is quite a bit of mystery as to how two sisters could be so different! 🙂
        Patience. I had been waiting for my first grandchild 9 years 🙂

  2. I think your last haiku should be pasted on the walls for all teachers and helpers to see – often I’ve heard unkind words and firm hands to the little ones! Really like these and see you’re finding inspiration with your new work, Marje. Terrific.

  3. Gosh Marje you are a busy lady… the last thing I knew you were working in retail, now you are working in a school, you are so versatile and multi talented! And you must have the patience of a saint… retail is challenging enough, but playschool? No, that I couldn’t do.

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