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This week Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge prompt words are Sun and Moon.

Do pop over to Ron’s blog to take part in the challenge: Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge

I haven’t taken part in Ronovan’s Poetry prompt challenge for ages as I’ve been really busy editing my manuscript. It’s now a staggering 84,330 words in length!

I have to say that I’ve really missed writing haiku, taking part in quote challenges, writing short stories, etc…..

Listening to Al The Author’s  radio talk on Annette’s blog talk radio: Meet Poet Al Lane just made me want to write a haiku or two this week! So I gave in, the craving was just too much!

Annette’s Blog Talk radio show has also recently featured our very own Judy Martin from Edwina Episodes who has recently published a poetry compilation, Rhymes of The Times. Listen to Judy talking about everyday things, naughty poems and chocolate! She reckons that just about anything can be made into humorous, rhyming poems, find out more via this link : Judy Martin on Tell Me A Story.

Do pop over to Annette’s blog too, here’s the link: Annette Rochelle Aben

Chris Graham of the The Story Reading Ape designed Judy’s book cover. Here it is in her favorite sunny colour yellow, and very nice it is too:



My two haiku are inspired by my recent job working in my local primary school.

Kids can be so sweet at times, particularly when they’re happy! Not so much when they fall over and hurt themselves in the playground, then they need oodles of TLC…. One day it was raining in the playground, and the infants were thrilled to be out in the gently falling rain getting their hair just a tiny bit wet. Their enthusiasm and excitement can’t help but make you smile, it’s so fresh and invigorating. If only we could bottle that!

I have to say that I hovered underneath the shelter, out of the rain, keeping an eye on them from there. As we get older we tend to view rain as a nuisance, losing sight of the enthusiasm we once had for tiny drops of invigorating, cleansing rain. Rain can have a beautiful aspect to it, particularly if it is followed by a rainbow! This is especially true when you’re young and raindrops can be almost magical. One young boy held his hands out capturing little drops of rain in his fingertips, I joined in and kept him company, and for a moment I remembered how magical and special rain can be!

So with those raindrops in mind I’d thought I’d be a bit playful and suggest that perhaps adults shouldn’t be so quick to attribute rain with negative thoughts. We tend to see rain as a nuisance, thinking about practicalities such as the washing hanging on the line, our soggy  wet clothes, and hair. Instead perhaps we should focus on the positives as seen through a childs’ eyes – and go out and play in the rain!

After all if we do get soaking wet we can hopefully come in and have a nice reward. A hot shower and a cup of tea or even a hot chocolate if the mood takes us! Otherwise perhaps a brolly or a raincoat might be a good idea! Ha ha !!!


Play Out In The Rain


Kids teach us lessons,

As do the sun, and the moon,

And the rainbows too!


The sun is hiding,

Stop mooning around grownups,

Play in the rain too!


Hope you enjoyed my double dose of haiku!

Do you enjoy the elements? Rain, rainbows, and perhaps thunderstorms…. do comment I’d love to hear from you.

Bye for now,


Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx

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  1. Marje, I LOVED those haiku. I agree, it is fun to play in the rain sometimes!
    Thank you so much for mentioning my book as well, and I am so glad that you enjoyed my chat with Annette on ‘Tell me a Story.’ She is such fun and great to talk to. I loved listening to Al’s chat with her as well. He is hilarious, and what a cool dad too, making up poems for his little ones. 🙂

  2. Thanks for this, Marje – so chuffed that I’ve nudged you back onto the haiku path! Lovely to hear the stories behind them too 🙂

      1. It’s growing… had a go at tidying up the chapters last night. Getting there, it seems to be endless but perhaps it won’t be too long now. Needs a final beta read and then… off I go! EEK!

  3. Nice to read more haiku from you in Ronovan’s challenge ! I enjoyed your story too–we tend to lose that feeling of adventure in the rain.

  4. Lovely, Marje! It is so sad that we lose our wonder at the magic of the world about us as we grow older. Having said that, some of us never really grow up lol!

      1. Absolutely right! One of the things I love about you that comes across really well in your blog is your enthusiasm and positivity! It definitely keeps you young! 😊

      2. Thank you Ali. That’s so sweet of you. I do try to be enthusiastic and positive. Like most people I have my worries (they could fill a whole other blog……’nough said – perhaps I should do another blog to house them!!!! Interesting….) but I try not to focus on those nasty niggling problems instead I do my best to look at the light side of life on this blog 🙂

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