BTS: Fire!!K-POP !!

This is for my eldest daughter – she’s a massive BTS fan! Who are BTS you might ask? Unless of course you’re already a fan – and believe me their popularity is not a matter of uncertainty. This band are super popular.  A bit like a BLT! No they’re not a relation of the BLT, the bacon, lettuce and tomato sarnie, they’re a Korean pop group! They dance, and sing – pretty impressive, my daughter loves them! They even have a  K-pop society at her University dedicated to learning their dances, and celebrating all things Korean pop style: ! Sussex Univ K-Pop Society

This article in The Daily Dot will interest BTS fans, take a look, :

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  1. Reblogged this on Kate McClelland and commented:
    Hahaha my daughter is a complete KPop fan. She loves BP and BTS. I have shown her the play list and she then hogged my pc until she had seen them and then said – I’ve got all of these thanks Mum

    1. With Kpop obsession is the key word I reckon…. I’ll let my daughter know another fan has visited! When my daughter comes back from Uni she makes me watch her K -Pop playlists!!

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