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Today I’m joining in a new link up for me – Linda Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday. In her words: ‘Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “brake/break.” Use one, use them both, but whatever you do, enjoy!’ Here’s the link to join in: Linda Hill

Ritu from But I Smile Anyway and I were having a blogging chat about our kids exam nerves so that got me thinking that I’d like to write a post and a poem about that…The prompt words sounded pretty relevant to how I’m feeling at the moment. My youngest is going through her GCSE’s and this is such a trying time for her (and me!) as she suffers from exam anxiety. This dates back to her doing her SAT’s. She works so hard, and often I have to tell her to have a break! Well the upshot of this is she is well and truly exhausted and been pretty ill this morning at 6 am. So she needs to press on the brake a bit, slow down, focus less on the exam emotions regarding the exam she has just sat, and concentrate on getting ready and rested for the next one.

So with her in mind and all students taking exams at the moment here is a little GOOD LUCK poem with a crazy touch of humour to cheer you all up:


The Poor Invigilator Needs A Defibrilator


Factor in a break, a well-earned rest,

Press that brake pedal,

Breathe….. It helps to..

Fill your lungs as you count,

Whatever you do don’t vomit it out!


Can you imagine the mess you’d make?

The half-filled exam paper covered in puke,

Poor invigilator’s face turning stony,

Pulse weak, he’s having a bald-headed fit,

‘At least no one’s died,’ whispers some bright git.


Press that brake pedal,

Take a big breath in,

And let it all out,

Don’t rip the exam paper to shreds,

Heads turning as you run out for meds.


Press that brake pedal,

Take a big breath in,

And let it all out,

Don’t turn as white as a sheet,

Tip over your chair, and fall at the invigi’s feet.


Press that brake pedal,

Take a big breath in,

And let it all out,

Don’t pick that juicy zit,

Splattering blood all over your exam script.


Press that brake pedal,

Take a big breath in,

And let it all out,

Whatever you do don’t run out the door.

The poor invigilator might need a defibrillator.


Press that brake pedal,

Take a big breath in,

And let it all out,

Pray for the invigilator!! It’s time to believe,

Breathe, Break, Brake, Blast that paper….ACHIEVE!


Show those teachers at school,

Your mum and your dad,

That pesky invigilator,

Your kitty, your dog, the stuffed bear,

Those wonky exam tables and chairs.


Show ‘em a thing or two…

Shuffle those D’s to C’s, C’s to B’s,

B’s to A’s A’s to A* s, shuffle them all.

The good and the bad and the ugly too!

Breathe, break, brake… you can do it! ATISHOO!!


© Marjorie Mallon 2016 – aka, Kyrosmagica. All Rights Reserved.


GOOD LUCK in your exams.

Do feel free to comment in the link below. Do you suffer with exam anxiety? If you do are there any things you find helpful to cope? I’d love to hear your tips..


Bye for now,



Marje @ Kyrosmagica xx



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  1. Marje, my thoughts are with your daughter and yourself…such a stressful time and sorry to hear she was ill this morning. It’s difficult being a parent seeing your child suffer with worry and stress. It sounds like she pushes herself so hard. My son is in the middle of ‘only’ three real GCSE science exams – doing okayish but not great. My reminder to him as he leaves on exam mornings is to remember to breathe! This terrific poem sums up the whole experience, bloody zits, wonky tables and all. Well done! Warmest wishes to you all.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Annika. Yes she tries so hard just hope she gets what she deserves. Can’t wait until this is all over but sadly it has just begun. Still at least she has now done a few exams …. And I think on the whole those have gone ok. Good luck to your son too. 🙂

  2. Fascinating poetry Marje. I developed an intense dislike for exams as a student and an even deeper dislike of them as a teacher.

  3. It’s tough to watch our kids deal with stress. It seems unfair at their young age as there will be plenty of stress once they become adults. Good post!

  4. I’m sorry about your daughter’s anxiety Marje. I know it’s a real thing. But I did love the encouragement you gave to her and others in her predicament with your words here. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your concern Debby. We will certainly be celebrating when these exams are over… Until then we’re taking each day at a time. Today went ok thank heavens, so proud of her getting through this.

  5. It’s truly amazing how much stress can affect us physically. I hope everything went/is going well. I love the poem!! Thanks so much for making this post part of SoCS! 🙂

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