Thursday Doors : Edinburgh Queen’s Gallery



For this week’s Thursday doors I’m focusing on my recent day trip to Edinburgh. I’ve been in Glasgow for a few days with my hubby and some friends so I popped over to Edinburgh to see my mum and dad. We went for a Chinese dim sum lunch and then mum and I took the bus to Hollyrood Palace. Here’s a photo of the crags of Arthur’s Seat.


Now for the doors. The Queen’s Gallery –  an art gallery at Holyrood Palace complex.


And here it is with a bit of a magic wand makeover… From Prisma.. Using the Gothic touch.



This gateway… leads to the tea room where we had a very royal Cappucino.




Hope you liked my Thursday doors post. If you share your posts on Twitter and Instagram remember to use the #ThursdayDoors hastag. If you’d like to join in Norm’s Thursday doors here’s the link to his blog to do so: Norm’s Thursday Doors

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    1. Good point Denis! Sadly my haiku are taking a bit of a back seat at the moment as I’ve been so busy getting my manuscript ready for publication. Hope to be back to haiku before too long! I do miss it. 🙂

  1. I was in Edinburgh in June …. It brought back so many happy mr pried and reminded me why it has always been a favourite city. I loved this post 💖

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