Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #18 – “Charm & Touch”


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Colleen’s prompt words this week are Charm and Touch.

In the first Tanka I decided to use bewitching instead of charm and in the second Tanka, I chose kiss instead of touch. These Tankas are loosely based on Ryder, the main antagonist,  in my current WIP: The Curse of Time, Book 1 – The Bloodstone, which is currently being edited by the lovely Colleen Chesboro who organises this fun Tanka Challenge. Thank you Colleen for all your hard work you are a star!




I hope you liked my Tankas! Quite tricky to write…. Don’t believe all you read, Ryder may or may not be a devil. I hope you read the book, ( when it comes out,)  and then you’ll find out the truth.

If you’d like to join in with Colleen’s challenge here’s the link: Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Challenge: Charm and Touch

Don’t forget to Stay Tuned to Kyrosmagica. There will be more blog posts soon…

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7 thoughts on “Colleen’s Weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #18 – “Charm & Touch”

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  1. Excellent, excellent! I bet everyone with wonder about this strange, yet bewitching, character. I am so proud of you! I know where these Tanka poems should go too! 😀 <3

    1. Thank you so much Colleen, I was suffering a bit of Tanka doubt wondering if this was any good. Your kind comment has lifted my raging writer’s doubt. I may just be writing some more Tanka…

  2. Ooo. I love this! Very ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

    Btw.. I hope 2017 is treating you well so far… I’m a little late to the party (I know) … Fahsionable late, right?

    1. Thanks for popping by Amanda. Yes 2017 is treating me well and you? It’s not quite fifty shades but he is still young – this is with a YA novel in mind! Give the devil a few years to grow older and who knows what might happen!

      1. Well, I’m sure he’ll be causing all kinds of mischief! Those charmers sure have their ways, don’t they!?

        Glad to hear all is well with you. I’m just going around all the blogs I’ve been missing out on. I’ve been a right old hermit!

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