#ABRSC Christmas/New Year Blog Hop Party December 1st!!!


I will be hosting a Christmas/New Year Blog Hop Party December 1st where I will be revealing the book I have chosen to buy, read and review as my Christmas present to a fellow author and club member of the #ABRSC.

Please consider joining the #ABRSC group, it has grown and is a wonderfully supportive  club full of resources for authors/bloggers and reviewers. I am so proud of the group and the wonderful members. We currently have 164 members!

Here are the party guidelines:

1. Buy a fellow member’s book. Read and review between 1st of December and 6th January and share on Amazon, Goodreads, and your blog if you have one. Link your review to your blog post party when you have completed it.
2. Share your blog post and reviews on Twitter using the hashtag #ABRSC
3. Try if possible to review someone’s book you haven’t read before or in a different genre from one you would normally read.
4. Link back to the last person who joins the party. So we have a chain effect of party goers! Don’t forget to bring music, cake and lots of cheer! Remember to include any Christmas news you wish to share.
5. You can buy and read more than one book if you want.
6. Write reviews that are fair but honest. Apply a star rating, and write as long or short a review as you wish.
7. Choose a date between 2nd December and 6th January to write your blog post and add it to the comments below. Select a person to review and the name of their book, add these to the comments below so we don’t get duplicate people being reviewed more than twice. One member per review. Only review #ABRSC members. If in doubt get in touch with me, Debby or  Colleen.
8. You may reblog other members posts on your blog if you wish, this may encourage new people to join the club which would be great!

Hope you will consider joining in the blog hop party, I think it will be a fun way to start of Christmas advent.

Bye for now,

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23 thoughts on “#ABRSC Christmas/New Year Blog Hop Party December 1st!!!

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  1. I really like the idea Marje, but I do already have books not reviewed yet and feel very not professional as a reviewer. I find it not easy to write a review, even if I liked the book very much.

    1. Many thanks Hugh. Do pop over Friday for the party and share your links, etc. I know you’re not on Facebook but in my eyes you are definitely an honorary member of the #ABRSC. Feel free to join in. 🙂 xxx

  2. Great idea Marje! I’m in, but won’t be much use to anyone this week as I’m in the thick of publishing :). I’m just about to start Sally Cronin’s newest book – What’s in a Name? Volume 2, as I’ve been looking forward to the read and loved Volume 1. I’ll be happy to review and post and be part of the tour and when I get a chance, I’ll reblog this as I’m swamped and no longer have a press this tool or a reblog access thanks to ‘Worstpress” so I don’t have the time to put together a post til next week. <3

    1. Thank you Debby that is wonderful. That’s great that you will be reading and reviewing Sally’s book. See you Friday for the party! Good luck with your new book, if you fancy being featured here on my blog do let me know. Happy to help in whatever way I can. xxx

      1. Thank you my friend. As I’m way behind in promotions, I will be putting some intros together in the next few days and will gladly accept your offer. I’ll get back to you when I get myself organized. <3

  3. Oh I just love this idea, Marje! I’m in for sure. I have so many books that I hope to be able to settle in with over Christmas. Words We Carry by Debby is high on my TBR list, and I will certainly be reading it soon. My review and blog post will likely be in January. Is January 5th okay? Thanks again. Cheers!! 🙂

  4. Hi Marje! I love this idea! I’m definitely in. I have a few books on my Kindle to choose from, so I’ll let you know later which one I’ve chosen. I’d like the 4th or 6th of January, because that will give me more time to finish what I’m reading now. Is that okay?

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