Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – She Fought So Hard

I’ve been meaning to join in the Carrot Ranch challenge for some time but it’s been so busy here chez Marje that I’ve not managed to. So without further ado I’m having a go.

She Fought So Hard

For a wee woman, you certainly pull in the big boys,’ joked keen fisherman Robin.

Melinda smiled; it had been a memorable day, she’d caught the biggest fish going. For a moment she’d forgotten her punishing chemotherapy struggle.

She never complained even when her hair fell out and grew back curly. Instead, she laughed; but it sounded hollow. I doubt she recognised herself.

Soft-hearted Melinda died within days of her fiftieth birthday. At the funeral I picked up her old school photo; I wept, I never knew she’d been a gymnast. Cancer the guilt bringer, I should have known.

The above piece of flash is dedicated to a work colleague and dear friend of my husband’s who died of ovarian cancer this year. It is partially based on a true story. She really did reel in a big catch and showed her partner up! She had such a competitive spirit and loved to play tennis in the Californian sun.

I didn’t know she’d been a gymnast. 

During her illness we became friends. I regret that I didn’t have more time to get to know her better but cancer stole away that possibility too. She fought hard, loved life and it’s  hard to believe she’s gone. Sometimes it seems to me that the loveliest people die before their time. Life can be incomprehensibly cruel. Everything was looking up for her, she had just started a new life in California with the love of her life. She had so much to live for.

Cancer sucks. 🙁

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    1. I don’t think I quite did it justice, but I tried. It’s very difficult getting across emotions like that in so few words. But, thanks for your comment Robbie.

    1. It was such a tough one to write, Hugh. I just wanted to try to get across some of her spirit in the flash. A pretty impossible task but I tried. Appreciate your kind comment. 🙂

  1. The writing proceeding from the flash fiction was, of course in more detail and could grapple with the pain, confusion and sadness of losing someone to cancer. But the piece itself is good, too…
    Sorry about the loss of his friend and of who sounds like a great person.

  2. Yes cancer sucks, all illnesses suck. Life sucks but most of all death sucks. Not for those who die but for those who are left behind.
    I empathise with your feelings I have lost too many good friends to death ..cancer only one of the causes… All you can do Hun love your life to the full no knows how long we have .💜💜💜

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