Sally works as a Senior Ambassador for Tropic #Vegan #CrueltyFree #Natural #Skincare

Hi Sally,  it’s a great pleasure to welcome you to my blog today.

Sally and I are ‘old,’ Edinburgh school friends!  Hey, not so old! We’re in the prime of our lives… I swear that we ladies come into our prime at this age… Our kids are grown up, we start spreading our wings and being more adventurous!

It’s quite remarkable how we have reconnected via Facebook after so many years apart.

I thought it would be interesting to interview Sally about her role as a Senior Ambassador for Tropic.

Tell me a little about your role at Tropic, Sally.

I am a Senior Ambassador (we start as Ambassador and the next stage is Senior, so I am very much at the start of the Tropic journey!)

When did you decide to join?

I joined in February of 2017.

Do you see it as a hobby or a full-time vocation?

At the moment I am doing it as a hobby as I love the products so much and believe in the ethics of Susie Ma’s brand.

What is it about Susie Ma’s brand that particularly attracted you to Tropic?

Susie was brought up to always use natural ingredients on the skin and  inside the body and not to take medicines. (Her grandma was a biochemist). All her products are Vegan and Cruelty Free certified and freshly made – that is what drew me to the company in the first place. The main bread and butter is skincare, but we do body care; sun-care; hair care; makeup and tan products.

Tell me about the Glambassador Events.


I have been to three of their Glambassador Events where they recognise Ambassador achievements and show us new products for the coming seasons (this happens twice per year – March and September) – a glamorous event where we all dress up and entertainment is laid on plus dinner.

Are there other events too?

I have also been to Susie’s Road Show, which she does every January; up and down the country. She does a talk to tell people about why she promotes ‘greener beauty’; the chemicals in the beauty industry and why she is so passionate about her ” PURE. HONEST. EFFECTIVE” range of skincare and makeup.

Sally’s VIP Tropic Skincare & Make Up – Facebook Page

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Have you tried Tropic? Do comment below if you have. Would love to hear your thoughts on these natural skincare products.

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  1. I used Mary Kay cosmetics and sold them many years ago, Marje. It was hard work and I didn’t earn many commissions but I loved the products. Best wishes to your friend. <3

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