Carrot Ranch Dialog Rodeo Contest #1 – The Winning Entries and My Flash

Well done to the winners of Carrot Ranch Rodeo Contest #1.

Here’s the link to the winning entries:

And here’s the funny prompt photo featuring Geoff blowing kisses at a ….


I’m delighted to announce that I am now a sponsor of Carrot Ranch – a wonderful community of flash fiction writers run by the truly amazing Charli Mills.

Here is my entry to Carrot Ranch’s Rodeo Contest #1.

Mr Blue Turtle Neck

“Hey Fred…”

“Flaming Frankie. You Freddie me every time.”

“Sorry, man you look like a Freddy to me,”

“Well I’m not!”

“Don’t pout, handsome lawyer dude. Let me kiss you better.”


“Now you’re being rude.”

“I don’t get no kick out of kissing turtles.”

“Live a little, bro. Let’s make a splash together.”

“A splash, I’d flood the pond!”

“I’d show off me wares. Mr hot blue tee-shirt might notice.”

“Notice, he’d love you to take that long neck and extend it backwards.”

“Oh! A surprise manoeuvre. A sneak a kiss turtle style.”

“Now you’re making me jealous!”


Hope you enjoyed my flash!



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