Rodeo #4: Fractured Fairy Tales: Goldilocks Hates Chocolate




Well done to the winners. The winning entries here –

Including second prize to my friend Hugh, an honourable mention to Debby Gies – (my friend, and Sister of the Fey.)  and this highly entertaining lovely chap – Geoff Le Pard also had an honourable mention.

I didn’t win but this is my entry:

Goldilocks Hates Chocolate

Goldilocks was due to arrive at any moment. Little bear kept a look-out for papa bear and mama bear hoping that they wouldn’t return too early from their leisurely morning walk.
Goldilocks sauntered in and handed little bear a huge chocolate croissant which he ate down greedily.
Goldie sat on the floor and tucked in to little bear’s bowl of steaming porridge.
‘Ugh, how can you eat that muck, Goldie?’
‘It’s yummy. I hate chocolate and sweet things.’
‘With a name like Goldilocks it’s no wonder you’re weird. Porridge reminds me of sticky snot.’
‘Rubbish, it’s mighty gold-i-delicious gunk!’






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7 thoughts on “Rodeo #4: Fractured Fairy Tales: Goldilocks Hates Chocolate

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  1. Thanks for sharing your entry to this contest, Marje. Goldilocks seems to have been a popular choice amongst those who entered the contest. I was shocked to see my entry taking second place, but had great fun writing it.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Hugh 🎄

  2. Thanks for sharing the winners’ post and your story, Marje. Goldilocks and Little Bear have got a good arrangement worked out for food. Clever.

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