Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Christmas – The Seventh Day of Christmas with guests Jessica Norrie and Marjorie Mallon

A huge thank you to Sally Cronin for featuring myself and Jessica Norrie in this gorgeous Christmas post full of personal stories, remembering the best gifts at Christmas. Merry Christmas all xxx

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Welcome to the Seventh Day of Christmas and today I am taking the opportunity to thank another of the contributors this year who has brought some wonderful book recommendations via her Literary Column. Jessica Norrie is going to be focusing on her next book in 2019 but has left us with plenty to enjoy in her Column Directory.

My other guest is fantasy/paranormal YA author Marjorie Mallon and I am looking forward to sharing her special Christmas gift memories.

My Christmas memories

I love Christmas as you have probably gathered over the last few days with my memories and adventures. There was a time in my life when Christmas was not really a time of celebration and it culminated in the November of 1977 when at age 24 my first marriage of four years finally fell apart. It is a long time in the past now but I do…

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