The Night-Time Routine That Actually Improved My Sleep

I’ve had terrible problems with insomnia most of my adult life until I discovered tai chi. I sleep pretty well now. But I know how horrendous it can be and how sleep deprivation often goes hand in hand with anxiety problems. So glad you found a routine that works for you Jenny. A great share 🙂

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  1. Great article Jenny has. I have a semi routine, but the last 30 to 45 minutes before bedtime is always the same. Since I still have swelling leg from cancer treatment, my husband massages from basically head to toes to help with circulation for half an hour. While doing that, we watch the nature documentary – most of them are relaxing.
    I should get back on doing yoga. It was very helpful to me.
    Any caffeine and sweet keep me awake so I try not to have them after noon time.
    I do take medication for my nerve a few hours before bedtime, then take herbs and melatonin for sleep.

    1. Thanks for sharing Miriam. I too would like to take up yoga again. I am having a lot of joint problems of late and wonder if this gentle stretching would help. Sorry to hear you still have swelling leg from cancer treatment. Are you cancer free now?

      1. Yes, Marje, I’m cancer free for 10 years. I wonder what causes your joint problems since you’re so young. Well, I had shoulder problems after 50, and had surgeries on both shoulders. Also there was pinching nerve that cause tingling on my right leg but it went away since doing yoga that stretched my spin.
        I take a herb combo of tumeric, boswellia & tart cherry for joints. It reduces inflammation and even helps my arthritis.
        Hope you find help for your joint problems.

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