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If, out of the blue, you were given just two weeks to live, how would you feel? What would you do? How would you prepare for the end? Who would you tell – and how?

This was the terrible position Roland Chesters found himself in in the late summer of 2006. He knew he was seriously ill – but had no idea he had both HIV and AIDS.

Luckily, Roland did not die. Expert medical help and his own determination not to give in saw him through. His life, though, had changed forever…

‘Ripples From the Edge of Life’ is Roland’s account of a life-changing diagnosis and its impact on him and those closest to him. More than a memoir, Roland’s story is not unique; ripples spread outwards, and this empowering collection gives voice to fourteen others who have survived similar traumatic diagnoses.

This book contains wisdom, hope, humour and inspiration in equal measure. It is an essential read for anyone living with a life-changing condition, and for those who support them.

My review

Roland Chesters didn’t expect to be diagnosed with HIV.

Why would he, when he had a monogamous relationship with his partner Richard, and only had one previous partner? This personal account documents the shock and aftermath of his diagnosis. It takes the reader on a journey through his treatment, his subsequent difficulties at work and the impact of learning to live with such a shattering, life-changing illness.

Undoubtedly, Roland reached some terrible low points, but his fighting spirit to overcome is inspiring. How amazing his partner was – I think this is one of the major points conveyed – that having a loving, supportive partner, family and friends is so important.

I have enormous admiration for Roland and all the other contributors who have shared such personal experiences to help others with such openness and candour. 

The latter part of the book includes the diverse experiences of men and women living with HIV. I was truly moved by all of these accounts.

My recommendation: Definitely read – 5 stars – An educational and enlightening read on the challenges of those diagnosed with HIV which facilitates discussion on the topic of  life changing hidden illnesses and AIDS/HIV.


Note: Thank you to the author for a paperback copy which I was pleased to give an honest review for.

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