Meditation for Children by Shelley Wilson

A lovely review for Shelley Wilson’s Meditation for Children
Via Linda’s book bag.

Linda's Book Bag

Meditation For Children Cover

I’m genuinely thrilled to feature lovely Shelley Wilson on Linda’s Book Bag once again. It’s been a while since Shelley ‘stayed in’ with me in a post you can read here.

I’ve previously interviewed Shelley here on the blog and she has explained here why she writes for the self-help market. Speaking of which, I have reviewed one of Shelley’s self-help books, Motivate Me: Weekly Guidance for Happiness and Wellbeing here too.

Today, thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things I am reviewing another of Shelley’s books, Meditation for Children.

Meditation for Children which is is published by BHC Press ais available for purchase here.

Meditation For Children Graphic

My review of Meditation for Children

From the moment I read Shelley Wilson’s introduction to Meditation for Children I felt its effect. The author has such a no-nonsense practical approach that the reader feels as if they can do exactly what she’s…

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