If you are serious about it, writing ain’t easy

Wise words from Jack Eason about #writing #writefromtheyesofthereader to avoid formulaic writing

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In a post I became aware of on someone’s blog via a link today thanks to a blogger friend, its author was talking about whether or not it might be a good idea to employ story-boarding when it comes to writing fiction. To the uninitiated, it may sound like a sensible suggestion. But, while new writers might wish to employ the technique, writers like myself largely refrain from doing so for the simplest of reasons.

Most full time writers (I include myself in this group) will tell you that writing a story is a dynamic process where ideas constantly change direction during the story’s evolution. By relying rigidly on a mapped out storyline, it is far too easy to literally ‘paint yourself into a corner’. I’m a firm believer in ‘flexibility’ being the key to good writing.

One other valid point to consider – story-boarding is just another name for…

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