The Magister

Jack Eason is sharing a snippet of his new story Magister. #mustread

Have We Had Help?


Here is a snippet of my latest Work In Progress.


For years he had been troubled by the simplistic conclusions of academia concerning our past on this planet. Not one academic had provided an answer that didn’t adhere to accepted conventional thinking. It was long past time that someone put them straight!


On reaching his seventieth birthday, a fundamental change occurred in him. James began to experience what in the beginning were strange dreams. For instance, in his dreams he no longer slept in a bed. Instead his body floated in the air a few feet above ground, surrounded by a protective sphere. Nothing and no one could harm him while he remained inside. As for feeding himself, in his dreams he grazed all day long. No longer needing to eat a sleep inducing heavy three course meal, or breakfast and lunch.

In every respect he was an…

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