Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #Photoprompt #TankaTuesday #Micropoetry

This week for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge there’s an awesome photo to use as inspiration, which you can see above. Image Credit: Commons: Wikipedia.ogr

Hibiscus flowers bring back memories of tropical sunshine. Nowadays, I enjoy catching a glimpse of them at the Botanical Gardens in their glasshouses, this is one I photographed a while ago…

My Tanka poem in response to this:

Hibiscus Flame

Hibiscus Flower

Fragility of your flame

Memories not lost

Recalled by rain drops falling

Caressing tender petals.

Wishing you a very happy holiday season.

A Merry Christmas to you all. xxx

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  1. Great pick of flower, Marje. Hibiscus grow here in the desert (with water, of course). I’m sure it’s a low humidity variety they use for planting. They do love the hot sun. Can you believe it’s almost the end of the year?? Happy Solstice. May the sun shine upon you and your family. <3

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