10 Things for which the Indie Author is grateful

Lovely gratitude post from Sue Vincent #indieauthors #humour

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

There are a good many things Indie writers and publishers have to be grateful for. Things we seem to have in common…apart, of course, from the abject poverty of living in unheated garrets whilst suffering for our art. (Look, we have an image to keep up, right?)

Whilst I wait… and wait… and wait… I thought it might be fun to explore the bond which makes a community of introspective creatives put pen to paper.

1. We are grateful for our families. Without them there would never be anything in the fridge come dinner time because we forgot… again.

Of course, there are those of us who live alone. We are grateful to our four-footed companions who insistently remind us of mealtimes at least twice a day and, with their cavernous snores, remind us occasionally to sleep. They also become almost our sole reason for seeing the outside world.

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