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A Mirror Cinquain.

Which comprises a : Cinquain, 2 , 4, 6, 8, and Reverse Cinquain 2, 8, 6, 4, and 2

Here is my poem about the Spring Garden painting which was stolen from the Singer Laren Museum in the Netherlands on Van Gogh’s birthday.

What strikes me about this is the calculated nastiness of:

1. Stealing the painting on the artist’s birthday.

2. Particularly as Van Gogh never achieved recognition during his lifetime which was tormented by poverty, mental health problems and ultimately suicide.

3. Timing the robbery to occur on the First day of Spring.

4. When the world is in the throes of a terrible virus which is killing thousands of people. What a calculated act.



Van Gogh’s birthday

Marred by show off robbers

An opportunist crime caper

So sad


More so

‘Cause Vincent didn’t get his dues

Virus villains stealing

Priceless Beauty

In Spring

To find out more about the robbery:

Van Gogh painting Spring Garden stolen from Dutch museum:

The link to Colleen’s blog to join in her challenges:

What do you make of that?

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26 thoughts on “Colleen’s Poetry Challenge #Cinquain #Poetry #Challenge #VincentVanGogh #COV19 #Coronavirus”

    1. Thanks Willow. I’m having such problems with my blog. Took me ages to post this and still says wrong DATE! So good to know you enjoyed it. Hope you and yours are well. Marje x

      1. The scheduler. It’s driving me mad. Seems difficult to unschedule posts and publish now with this gutenberg thing. Might have to contact happiness engineers! By the way have you read Mr. Sagittarius? Would love some more reviews. x

  1. Marje, I love this theme. It’s very pleasing on the eyes. 😀 Your mirror Cinquain was eye opening. What was this about Van Gogh’s painting? I hadn’t heard this. With everything going on you wouldn’t think something like that would happen!!

    1. Hi Colleen, Thank you. I do too. <3 And thank you for your kind comments about my mirror Cinquain. I've added a couple of links to newspaper articles about the robbery. Yes, I suppose the thieves thought it an ideal time as security would be low due to the Coronavirus. Terrible. 🙁

      1. Will do. We left super early for Home Depot to get more paint. We were masked and protected. We were back in little over an hour. Very few people about so that worked out well. Be safe and take care of your family. Is Hubby better?

      2. Not many folks about at 6:30 am. It was a short trip. There is no one in our area sick. It’s all in the center of Phoenix so that’s a good thing. ❤

      3. Same here no one sick in our area. Glad my daughter came home before lockdown as it’s worse in Manchester where her flatmates are. Hope they and her boyfriend will be okay.

  2. There is something really special about a poem that uses an enticing image and tells a story, particularly about history that let’s us learn something intriguing that we might never heard of too. Excellent idea Marje and fantastic poem 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind comment. I will be including my poem in a collection of poems, short stories and flash fiction that I am compiling at the moment. Your encouragement is much appreciated. 🙂

  3. You’re right Marje, this was a dispicable act. It was most likely designed this way by the robbers to get maximum attention. Your fabulous cinquains delivered the message beautifully. Well done! <3

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