Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 175, #ThemePrompt #Shadorma #COVID19 #Coronavirus

This month’s theme is:

“The Day After”

Elizabeth, from Tea and Paper, chose the theme.

My two Shadorma below are inspired by our current situation during this COVID19 crisis. They reflects my growing sense of sadness and unease at the magnitude of deaths throughout the world. It’s so sad and frightening. In the UK alone over 26,000 people have died to date.

And all the while here in Cambridge the sun has shone practically every single day of Lockdown. A couple days ago, we had some rain and even a short burst of thunder and lightning. And yet, immediately the sun returned.

How strange.

Life goes on, sunshine, showers and thunderstorms but such tragedy remains.

The sun shone

Enticing us all

To play out

With old friends

The rain cried behind the sun

Days after Lockdown


Life goes on

Sunshine, and showers

Cloudbursts weep

Death toll peaks

My heart screams behind thunder

I hate you virus.

© M J Mallon

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Sorry this week’s poem is a sad one. Sometimes emotions are better released than locked away.

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18 thoughts on “Colleen’s 2020 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 175, #ThemePrompt #Shadorma #COVID19 #Coronavirus

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  1. I don’t know why I thought we would come out of lock down after the first three weeks, Marje. I think it was because South Africa is a poor country and I didn’t think we could afford to keep people off work for so long. We are now in our sixth week and, as I had already been off sick and worked from home for three weeks before we started, I am in my ninth week of not going out anywhere. I suppose it is better than having everyone contracting this virus, but it isn’t much fun any more. The novelty has worn off.

    1. Yes, I feel much the same Robbie. I’ve definitely had enough now. I’m keeping myself ridiculously busy to keep my mind off it all but even so I just wish things could go back to normal. It will be a long time yet, though. Keep safe and well. x

  2. Great sharing of your thoughts, Marje. I feel so unsettled. I keep trying to write but find myself distracted by everything around me. This will not go away soon. I would feel better if our country had a compassionate leader who cared about the people. I totally understand how you feel. <3

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